I Followed You Lyrics

[Dr. Dooom]
Yeah! Dr. Di-sea-zee-zee-zee-zee-zee-zee-zoom

I know this R&B singer that live across the street from
Central Park
Her shades stay open at night
I see her up late with some Lurch guy sniffin coke and
they both take speed outside with 'em and fill they
pockets up with dope and
Press the elevator then come down like paparazzis with
a camera
I follow you around
I see you shop a little bit downtown
You buy your turtles from Myrtle, the cologne y'all
pick out is Cavalli Roberto
Peek-a-boo, I see you
The panties your girl bought is purple
I see you on 14th Street in the cut, sippin Henny and
Walkin out stummblin drunk in Club Petrol

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I followed you; I saw what you did
{*scratched: "I'm out here!"*}

[Dr. Dooom]
Now this was a movie star with big bumps on his face
with a tranny with a fur coat, they was in a rented car
They got out and walked in the club with a spinnin bar
I seen him with Grey Goose from afar
Dancin on the table with a G-string like a spinnin star
You are under a power scope and a binocular
Since when men started dancin as stars?
Givin chicks with mohawks a massage
Dancin to shoes worn by "What's Happenin?"
You stand with designer glasses lookin like Raj
Comin out of a house club
Kissin a man with a wig on that look real bugged

[Chorus] - 2X with last line change "I saw everything
you did"

[Dr. Dooom]
See this rapper right here? I'm not close up on ya
But I see you're iced out, payin for another watch you
bought on 59th Street
That was Zirconia; with skin blemishes goin to the
tannin salon
I see they out to tone ya
You walk two blocks to pay on your prepaid phone ya
With a card that say Music Express cause the record
company own ya
Sponsorship, you stopped up in Cross Colours to get
free clothes
Fly and real dip
You 23rd Street bootleg, you don't buy real legit
I see you phony with it, plastic alligators on your
What you workin with?

[Chorus] - 2X with last line change "I saw everything
you did"

[Dr. Dooom]
I followed you~! Saw you when you got in the cab
Remember? You was on 14th Street
You had on the blue shirt, you had a black coat
Plus you had on some lil' purple glasses
That said Chanel on the side
Don't you remember? Your shoes were brown

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Songwriter(s): Kurt Matlin, Keith Thornton
Record Label(s): 2008 threshold recordings, LLC
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