Kobe Lyrics

[Verse 1]

It's the truest guy with the fewest ties, when I do shit it's do or die, politicians say they Looking out for us that sounds like the truest lie, got the force and I use it, had to go an Change the world with my music, I can feel the ground shake when I'm moving, stop Tryna shake my hand my guy you're not my brodie, gotta re up finna call my wodie, 81 Grams in me that's Kobe, rolling with my left call the Ginobli, went and blew up now they Act like they know me, you do not know me, I'm Netflix you're Shomi, ride any beat like A pony, life's precious gotta live in the moment, I am still in NO MANS LAND, I am Doing things no one can, they don't want you to have the upper hand man its under Handed and I over stand, love my fans but understand that a lot of my fans been acting Like Stan, finna get a van just so I can say that I got a lot of weed in the back of my van, Map to the game on the back of my hand, smoking a wood while I'm packing my sam, I I'm higher than a satellite or um ya a satellite damn, I'm wana buy my mom a house and My dad too guess I'll be balling out, fake man's that's who I'm calling out, giving yall Something to talk about


I ain't tryna be nobody's hero, that's shit you know
Shout to all the people that don't talk to me no more
Put me on a pedestal I guess I like it here
Flow so cold you might catch a fever hoe
I am probably flexing in my section with my bros
I'm a f*ckin veteran man that's probably shit you know
Ask me if I need a deal the answers yes & no
I'm the guy who could f*ck your and then take your hoe

[Verse 2]

When it comes to rolling up I'm a professional, if you don't do it for yourself then who are you flexing for? I went to Mexico, cartel blow is exceptional, play my music round the world they feel this shit from head to toe, I learned that less is more but more is less when less is gone, look at my swag put your glasses on, every second a new bastards born, never look back man the past is gone, I never make no average songs, I'm smoking on two blunts at the same damn time you don't even gotta pass the bong, I knew they'd all know my name one day travelling state to state, always got a place to stay, life is great, grind from 8 to 8, when you hear my song I love the face you make, dropping heat that'll make you late, I might be the best in the world I love my wife all the breasts in the world can Not compare to what we got loves like a sea saw but more beautiful than a peacock we up high in the tree tops saw 3 cops said go get a real job bitch, I know what I'm here to do sitting near the food always meal time round here

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2018 SmashMouth Music Group Opposition
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