Living Life Lyrics

Your life time is never garentueed
Struggling life making sure your heart don't bleed
Worryin about love annd the good times
Never knowing what faults really mines
We all have our faults and we all have our brusies
Just continue with life and keep on crusin
Make mistakes get up and learn from them
Look to someone and grab their hand
Living life ain't always on the good road
Just remember what you were always told
You live your life on how live it
Can't get down and throw a fit
Just learn now and get on track
Living life not looking back
Keep your head always looking forward
Cuz if you look back time only goes by slower
Now these days the times are bad
Always having to guess what you could of had
Don't guess get out there and follow your passion
It's always good to have a great direction
In the words of the Kottonmouth Kings
For the things they sing and the things that they bring
I don't know where i'm going, but know where i been
Looking back never going there again
When you look back don't hate or regret
Look into the sky and see the sunset
With your friend crusin down the street
Tryin somehow to make ends meet
Scraping change just to eat
Writing a song and putting it to a beat
To spit to, to get your life going
Doin what you love and the money is flowing
Remember the ones that brought you here
Hooking them up with some VIP and some gear
Childhood friends and all those girls
Making your life so get it untwirled
Always thinking about my mom and sis
Yeah we had the hard times but look at this
I'm grown up now my momma raised me by her self
Same with my sis she needed noone else
To get through and put food in our face
Working two jobs just to give us a place
Everyone lives one life so live it right
Living life so don't get it all up tight
When things happen and things fall apart
Just remember what really on your heart

Living life hard as you can you see
People gambling, scrambling children eating out of cans
Out there trying to make that paper by selling pot
Smoking "J's", killing, and robbing cops
There's gangsters vs. me out there banging their colors
I don't understand going through all that trouble
It's hard nnow with gas prices sky rocketing up
Having to walk its all a corrupt
People out there calling me a white wigger
But ima stand up and ima be bigger
I just live life as it comes to me
Doin my own that so let it be
Ever have the feeling that you have to leave
Never finding a explaination what to believe
Well find the Facts, and find them fast
Once you blink its all gone with a flash
Everybody in here think before you take action
Look ahead down the road to find the direction
Once you make that decision life goes on
Noone to blame whens it's taken and gone
Struggles in life can bring you up or down
Money is great it puts the smile from the frown
When it comes around it's taken with a bound
everyone is there but with no sound
Everything is mute untill they get what they want
Acting shady lil jiberish and blunt

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