Friend For Life Lyrics

Ever since me and you met day one
I always had your back and the same from you son
When we would kick it I wouldn’t worry about slipping
Cuz me and you were always mothaf**kin straight dipping
Already knew that you were down for the ride
Already knew that you were by my side
Nobody can take or change what me and you have
Without you in my life it would be a drag
I’d jump in front of a bullet for you any day
That’s mad love now what you got to say
From the hood to the park to the girls we call
We be having them in check and having them crawl
Never once did we let a girl come between us
Always had them coming at us like some hyenas
When I needed someone to go and talk to
I knew I could come and always trust you

Yeah you my homie for life yeah that’s true
I’d probably be dead if I didn’t have you
Me and you never had a huge outstrip
Nothing was worth more than our friendship
Yeah I have other homies that are down to
But none of them compare to a friend like you
When me and you would come rolling up to some drama
We’d always come back and slap them with the word called Karma
Me and you always working on the same team
That’s f**king real you know what I mean
Me and you are close like gravy on a biscuit
Ima be down for you till I’m in a casket
Never did me and you talk f**king trash
And then turn around and be a pussy ass
We’d f**k um up and not even stop
Till me and you running from the mothaf**kin cops
People come up saying we OG
I’d turn around and say yup that’s you and me
Now if I got jumped or blasted at
I knew I could to you and you’d have my back
When one of us was feeling blue or under
We would always be there for each other
Me and you would never snitch each other out
Cuz that’s not what real homies are about
When me and you drink its till the last drop
And we ain’t about to stop till we hit the top

Now if someone bigger stepped to your face
Ima lay um out and have they blood all around this place
Someone come rolling up on us
I’d have them posted up against a bus
Me and you always putting it down
Till me and you are six feet under the ground
You’ve always listened to the things I have felt
And all the problems we have both dealt
We’ve been through the thick and the thin
You’re still in my life cuz you’re my best friend
You help me out when I was mad
You’re the bestest friend that I have ever had
Nobody can bond that we can’t explain
They can’t share our joy and our pain
Share and be kind as we work and play
Our friendship will go with each passing day
Even if something happens and we fall apart
Just know no matter what you’ll be in my heart
So hear me out when I say
You’re the light of my day
You’re the moon in my night
You’re in my heart and shine real bright
I can go on about you all day
There’s just so much about you to say
Tulips are purple and violets are blue
Ain’t no real homie out there like you
Ima cut this short and keep it all tight
When I’m with you it’s all ganna be alright
Now I told you the truth and it isn’t crap
This is Cing Casper and that’s a wrap

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