Butterfly Time Lyrics

Butterfly Time

Yo this the Butterfly
And this is F.C.C Famous Cing Casper
And yo this is Lil' Droppy doing it big for the westside

Butterfly time
Butterfly time
Yeah it's butterfly time
Yeah it's butterfly time
I said it's butterfly time
Yeah it's butterfly time
Yeah it's butterfly time
Yeah it's butterfly time

(Verse 1)
Wiggle your legs, wiggle them fast
Wiggle that shit, than wiggle your ass
Yo it's F.C.C and Im back in the building
With Lil' Droopy and we not just chillin
Yo catch me on the dance floor busting out my new moves
With the whole neighorhood yeah it's all good
Spit your game, talk your shit
Bitch if you ain't fake
Get on the dance floor than f**kin' shake
Your ass up and down all around
Get your f**kin culo and touch the ground
Hoes reconize and playas do to
When they see Casper they pull a Voodu


(Verse 2)
Now pull up your pants
Wiggle your legs and do the Butterfly dance
We walk up in this bitch and we show the new groove
Nigga f**k the walk it out bitch this the new move
I see your girl do the butterfly every where I go
They do it low to the ground then they hit the floor
I'm with the boy Casper and we doing this one big
Get on the floor and represent your click ya dig
Than I come to the floor with the money on my hat
Midgets do the dance like some umpalumpa rats
See I'm out on the floor, and I'm looking for a dime
Now I'm out now son cuz it's butterfly time


(Verse 3)
Now it's my turn, flap your wings
Like a butterfly, now we looking like Kings
I know I'm white butI know how to dance
Try to challenge me this might be your last change
Wiggle your legs, inwards and out
Yall already know what the butterfly's about
You did good, but better luck next time
You came to get yours, instead I got mines
If you can't handle it don;t break your neck
Cuz the Butterfly is guaranteed to make you wreck
I came, I saw, now I got it all done
Now we out this bitch Cuz F.C.C is number one

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