U.k. Get You Shot Up Lyrics

[Intro: Free Murda]
Yeah, U.K.
United Kingdom, Lil' Free, Sha-Cronz, Tory
Popa Wu

[Chorus x2: Free Murda (ShaCronz)]
Yo, we touch niggas
Hush niggas when we pop up
U.K. will I get you shot up
(If you keep the blocks hot, throw the glocks up
Let's get this money son, f**k being locked up)

[Free Murda:]
What don't kill us, makes us stronger
Niggas believin what they ain't seein
Wanna be what they ain't
Freedom or death, leave in a slink to get you aired out
Runnin through the P's, get it cleared out
Niggas wonderin, what my whereabouts
The same shit, don't wear out
Peep my dress codes, niggas fear it now
Lil' Free tear it down, where your chest at?
Killin me, nigga where you gon' rest at?
Here, hot one, test that
Pop one hit you in your mess cap
Playin the buildin, don't hit you
I'm slayin your children, grief in the night
Hit you with the heat in the night
One day while you chillin, have you sleep with a knife
Sleep on me, and never wake up
U.K. will never break up
Gangstas I ganged up on your a banged up
These lame ass niggas, my name's known to lay ass niggas

[Chorus x2]

[Terra Tory:]
Drop like acid rain, niggas seem to drown in the fame
Many clowns in the game, holdin a pound of aim
Get you in the Range, fish turn strange
Burnin the FDR, switch your lanes, times is changed
Everything ain't goin the same
You holdin the fame, control and maintain
Soldiers invades, stay in your toes, guard your frame
All praises due to the God, that's why the world came
Step back, that's why the f**k they call me Jet Black
Consume purple haze in the Ac'
U.K. creepin through cracks, reachin for stacks
Leave you leak, lead in your back
Party's we crash, duke smash dudes that act fool
Aimin at y'all rap crews, like these, we snatch jewels
All about the CREAM, nigga Cash Rules
U.K. always shine, every time we pass through

[Chorus x2]

I flow bent, watch me get rid of y'all Rovers
I'm laced with action, make it happen durin critical moments
Make drama, say what I wanna say on tracks
Game strong, just coped the new Timbs, grey on black
Most toters, every New Year I spray on that
Me and S and B on roofs, de-ray on cats
This money, an inheritance, it cleanse my evidence
Shyheim run the reverends, been through pain ever since
Cats get juiced up like fruit flies, don't hesitate to shoot guys
Who thee? You're too hard, guns fully-loaded like the news vibes
Sparkin what they publicize, all lies in this
Kid, get in your skills like soricus
We don't play, we buy the bitch
U.K. survive the trick, we claim but never lie to chick
Cronz never hot as snitch, my object not to kill blacks
But I still pack the gat, my Tommy Hil' slacks
I will, I peal caps, feel that and keep it movin pa'

[Chorus x2]

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