Remy On Rocks Lyrics

[Intro: Naki (Black Venom)]
Yeah, '99... yo, yo (you know I feel, crazy)
'99, no it's my time to shine (It's the Brooklyn Zu)
'99, no it's my time to shine (men on Remy)
Yeah, yeah, yeah (we got that Remy on rocks)
What, what, what, what (Manchuz, The Ninjaz, Lil' Nak)
Yeah, yeah (how you moving son?)

All hail Naki, bang with Monk, girls stop me
Never stressed it, when I'm doing my karate
Mic and a pen, you think I'm a sleep, come and try me
Hit clubs, they not me, it's my world, like Bobby
Gettin' nasty, now fools wanna knock me
Getting tipsy with Remy, man can't stop me
Get the g's lit, like John Gotti
Front and get smushed cheesed up like chron' shotty
By any means, yo I bag mommies, see his little posse
Can't wear Armani, rock the Versace
When you see me, you praise me like Gandhi
Getting Marley money and chase like Biggie, gettin' jiggy
I know some people who would die for me, cry for me
Tell a judge, lie for me, niggas don't know I be
Naki, the illest young god in the industry, what

[Black Venom:]
I know Naki, the in soldiers, they suppose ta
Make me strike back, then attack like a cobra
Centipede phantom that moves like a testarosa
The person you be glad to see, look on your poster
I'm getting records, do as I slang, do my thang
Live like a king, boy, you hear my name ring
Got love for all my niggas up in the game
Hungry for this cheddar, like a lion untamed
Niggas had more time to shine, more time to rhyme
Now you hear me, and you out to take mines
I break it down, line for line, so forget it
And I know why I spend time here, cause I shit it
It's on now, who make you believe like a healer
Hard rocks get shot the f**k up but turn squealer
To my gray building, rest in peace, put a meat into my grimeys
Look, I'm lost in life all in these streets

[Chorus: I-Born]
Brook' Zu, lean on remy
Remy on rocks, semi on blocks for knocks
Let the goods get gots, son I sip when it's hot
Billy Bop, pot to piss, like I shit on shit
Iced wrist custom, break 'em off something for nothing
When they front on, bust 'em a twin nine cousin, two dozen
Clip spliff split, lick off, hit, see off

[Drunken Dragon:]
I put your brains on the street, the peep with the elite
Heavy hitters who break meat, break cheeks and wack beats
You act sweet to the cowardly lion, harder they moving
And the witch is started, you been hurt
But ya bank is absurd you heard, we taking over
Listen closer, blaow, that's the sound of my toaster
I'm banging in your eardrum, cock and cum
Leave you dripping from the side of your head, free the dumb
You dead, wondering why an MC like me
Grabs a microphone and call himself the G.O.D.
Cause the devil is my enemy, claims who I are
Like the man from Mars, Drunk Drag face bizarre
Meet me at the back of the bar, getting drunk
With my man Buddha Monk and the Manchu fam
What you didn't understand what according to plan
In this game called life, as we come into the light

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper:]
My mind, filthy rich, within the mind and shit
Like D.L. chip whip, shootin' out on 1-6, you know the clip
Hit a monk, paralyze him, make this world champ perfect sick
Should of kept his mouth shut, but he didn't
So I had to put every bullet in him
He laugh every time I put it on him
I said, I don't give a f**k, I had a ski mask black hoody on him
Igloo boost on him, timb boot on him
Bulletproof on him, hangers and walkers with ranch
Leaving fruit trees, wasn't scared to shoot
Know if it's the type loot, salute
That's the signal for the brutes
That touchdown like Terrell Davis, niggas guns is real
Like Avis, welcome Irie, C.E.O., out dave us

[Chorus: to fade]

[Outro: I-Born]
You did, when it's remy on rocks
Remy on rocks, remy on rocks
Remy on rocks, remy on rocks, remy on the rocks, rocks
Remys on rocks, remy on rock, semi on blocks for knocks
Brook' Zu, Brooklyn, bust 'em
Remy on rocks, remy on rocks, rocks, rocks
Remy on rocks, Brook' Zu, remy on rocks

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Record Label(s): 2008 Chambermusik Records

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