Knock Knock Lyrics

[Intro: Kendra]
This game is the twisted of all
A recurring nightmare, that never stops
A bunch of rats eating ya face off...

Licked in '82, face the man in the mirror
If I'm soft as face, I read minds much clearer
Fist of Legend, "jettin' li's" kicks I'm repping
The descendant tore, predator, and rhyme weapons
The skies flow like dagger'll show
On your menu scroll, fools get blow, before they let you know
I'm a hungry bitch, ready for mics to flow
Ride it like Moe Joe, really Austin Powers know
Play the evil role, while I'm making mini-me's
Having mad seeds, babies pa don't live with me
A bad allergy attacking every season
Every reason, caught in a life sentence reason
What do you mean, said the force of the wise bitch
What do you see, I see my mic that I rhyme with
What do you bleed, rhymes instead of blood, and what
Come to a show, and I'm a give you the live shit
My nightmares put Elm Street to shame
For it change, the misery you fear to lock ya rap game
Should I say, paying dues and no money
Get remy, take drugs, make dudes, and shot honey

[Chorus x2: Kendra]
Knock, knock, who that? Not the bogeyman
It's the love demon from hell, you know me well
Take a minute, relax, I got eternity
Catch a full mind to learn, what's concerning me

I feel yo pain, sis, life is that craze bitch
Carmen's her name, she was raised in a slave ship
As I relay this, faced it, in pavement
Wave it like you just don't care, when you make it
Niggas take it, they want shine, when they famous
Potential last leader, I willl last, when you race it
Lace it, so amazingly, til the crowd dies
Then you realize, your whole plans and enterprise
You a sucker, your breaks and your face
You erase every prospect, having you laced
Worked too hard for this, time to get crazy
Aim the trigger at the hole, the nigga in his face
Stain steel, hollow tip, matching like twins
An alter ego, I still legits til I win
Portals in yo mind, corrupt in a new kind
Float like Sammy L. Jackson in Cloud Nine

[Chorus x2]

Form that in same time, like Siamese
Every law on the ave, two crowds and grab these
Cops please to release, lay back to the playgrounds
For this clock found, you amazed now?
My sandbox was a haven of rough
Begging elementary, I play devil at much
Oh yeah, I remember that girl you played with
Had her ass crying in school, you're shameless
Now I got a new toy, a new school, a new world
A harder one to face, but holds a new scud
Honestly, ain't the prophecy, in fact, it might stop me
From acting alone, sparking to rock me
Big thought is, loose niggas fit the mold
To unfold, like a gemini flows in the cold
Behold, rap lyric scroll, molding ya own
Sticking Arabs in cab, huh, cause I'm bold
El denada ride like doubt me, back in '85
Every lunch break I took hints and I rhyme
Slugging elbows, for fakers and thugs
Til the world gets ready for K, and gives love

[Chorus x4]

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