Problems Lyrics

[Buddha Monk:]
If you ruled the world I'd be the king of all kings
And make sure everybody just swing them things
From Brook-lawn to Tuscan, Duc Lo with two guns
Prepare to bust, ya shook ones, damn right I eat ya quick, son
The bom to bom to bang to bang diggy, gimme gimme
If ya move that's ya ass, hey!
It's the greatest mic spitters, heavy smoke sippers
Sixteen bar rippers, can't hang? Then dip you with liquor
I was born, in this rap thing and I'll battle anybody who say it ain't true
Man, you wanna battle me? Uh... six minutes, six minutes
Six minutes, and uh, six minutes, six minutes, uh, six minutes
Six minutes, man, ya diggin, ya on

[Major Deegan:]
All aboard to the last stop, hop the train, a new lots taken
An L to the head, lemme see what you got
The way I shoot the gift, there's no choice but talks
I bust shots, when Major drops kids are shell-shocked
Welcome to the b-locks, tight grill with the g-lock conceiled
C-ops player hate cause I get off just like Bill Clinton
Phat rhymes I be spittin, y'all niggaz stay bitchin
Hold up, yo stop, look and listen to that shit y'all be kickin
Startin off every song with that long ass intermission
Now I stay hittin, Wallabees and biege linen
Me begins these while me still hard if ya lit it
It's a big payback, Major or independent
Record label, then I merk like Sable, Black Entertainment
Then I'm not leavin off cables, check?

[Layza Life:]
L-I-F-E is hard as hell
Battle anybody, I don't care, you chill
I excell, Zu never fail
Better go and tell Layza Life to rock
I translate, formulate style great
I be the wildest mothaf**ka outta New York State
Hail the great, all I see, my mindstate
Murderous track Killa Bee, early or late
Come with that, break back style type shit
Rock the show six minutes, doggy count my grip
Hold it down, with a stone fist, takin no isht
Cuddle up, under a sheet, sleep with fish
Hit any pitch any nigga throw, every nigga know
Done with the Zu produced by Duc Lo
Bet you will know, Medina Gods take no shit
Layza beam burn cornea cells with hot spit
My glock hits, bullseye, sound boy dead
Man f**k with Zu, man rudeboy dead

[Dunn Verbal:]
Eh! Didididididadiday
For all you sucka MC's, won't you please come out to play?
Cause styles of y'alls, I could spot an imposter
Focus like pair of binoculars
Lift you off the Earth like propellers of a chopper
You niggaz spit it improper, get no nominees for no Oscar
Enforce, Dunn tear the block up
Un's make you evacuate the premises, destroy them villages
With my lava, spit on you niggaz like revolvers
Don't waste ya time and ya health tryin to bother
Hold it down with my niggaz and by myself
And the X on the target I mark ya
Might have an iced out appearance
Everythin you have goes like a liquidation clearance
Flows and words stuck in ya tongue, can't come out
Cause you fear this, all you square niggaz need to hear this
This is real serious, make you go through series of this shit
Capture your hot ear, let you hear the bullshit you kick
What are you stupid? Wanna get shot dead by this ghetto Cupid?
Won't show you no love, I show you the gat to prove it

Dig it, dig it
Don't push me cause I'm close to the edge
I'm tryin not to lose my head (Hahahah)
Flipmode on crews like Decepticons
Smack the head off of Voltron, rip off his altered arms
Drop a bomb, pom pom, sing alongs
Let me snatch the emblem off his chest so you could hear the sirens
Man down, where ever I'm in, surround sound
Bet now, rep now, clear it, select now

[Drunken Dragon (Lee-Major):]
Yo come get some, you know the outcome
I beat yo ass boy (You really don't want none!)
You checkin on cash like ASCAP
And blast at any MC, if you'se a phony, unmask that
When you come around me, technically I'm bugged
Nobody bought ya album, I bombed ya fan club
(Yo what his name was?) Who cares? No buzz in my eyes
I swat flies and stomp roaches, eyes ferocious
Dragon approaches, burn players and coaches
Cheerleaders and doljas, I came with soldiers
To the game, play and tell boy, catch a sharp elbow
Fatigue overalls and nines in the velcrow

[Chorus: Lee-Major (Buddha Monk)]
Problems (They're legendary)
Problems (Duc Lo)
Problems (Don't f**k with)
Problems in the world today

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Record Label(s): 2006 Duck Lo Productions Chambermusik Special Products

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