Me And My Peoples Lyrics

[Intro: LeBang]
LeBang gang, running rebels, nine ounce
Holla, you know what it is, nineties

Easy to die, but harder to live, and when it's problems
Other niggas wanna borrow your kid
All live for three things, money, hoes and drugs
Give you three things, you can hold these slugs
I know I'm wanted for that, but only God knows I'm going through stress
I'm maintaining, this Brooklyn Knight, ain't nothing bout this, no paradise
Rolling dice with your life at price
What you want, the size of your arm or your the size of your leg
We even got guns the size of your bed
And sell weight the size of your head
Want weed? f**k with the dreads
Mad cause I'm back, with water, crack, coke and the caine
I'm toking them things, that'll open in range
Little niggas don't listen to they olders, a shame
Witty cats behind bars of that, we gonna bang out til the bars is read
f**k cops, I make it hard for feds
We skating off any time, anywhere
Bust our guns, any time, anywhere

[Chorus: Mello]
Me and my peoples, hear no evil, see no evil
Living peaceful, through these bald eyes of an eagle
This shit is lethal, in other words, life's deadly
This tight petty, cut sharp like machete's
Cause niggas ain't ready, for this new world order
Running like water, will only make life shorter
I'm a reporter, spread the news
In this game, we choose whether or not, we win or lose

I don't know why, but lately I've been feeling closer to death
Like a bullet bout to go through my chest
Tephlon bout to blow through my vest
I ain't got shit, and plus I'm depressed
So when it's on, I'm a choke you to death
Dealing with stress, and I ain't try'nna settle for less
I'm like a doctor with results of your medical test
Give you the news, please don't get it confused
I'm like a BB King, cause I give you the blues
Pick and you choose, even when you win, you could lose
I ain't never been beaten, but all my life I've been abused
I played the fool, went ahead and blazed a tool
If I knew what I know now, I would of stayed in school
Thinking I'm cool, but I was bout as dumb as a mule
Couldn't hear them old fools, that was dropping the jewels
Ain't nothing changed, so I figure why act strange?
Seeing life from a range, it's just the same old thing


I don't know whether I'm winning or losing, but at the rate I'm going
All I know is my destiny's choosing
In my mind I think I kill for the kings, but I'm Scar Montana
So I just cut off your hands for your rings
Plus I roll with the LeBang gang, for bullets, where ya chain hang
That'll change your main frame, still I try to maintain
f**k a deuce, niggas that smoke backwoods that roll backwards
That'll pass ya'll and roll back words

Aiyo, they thinking bout spitting with Mello, they better off not
Spitting, forfeiting it, and painting their back yellow
I want cake, like the cars we do, they ain't jello
Spit fire, that'll roast these dudes like marshmellows
I can give it to 'em, fast or slow, I master flows
I'm after doughs, my ratchet blows, I'm wife-shorty's bastard snow
It ain't shit for me to snatch this hoe
And put the dick up in the ass and throat, whoa

[Chorus x2]

[Outro: Mello]
Uh-huh, yea, and that's just how that shit go, I told 'em
Huh, listen, just let it ride out on 'em, you know?
Buddha Monk, ya'll

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Record Label(s): 2008 Chambermusik Records

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