Long Axe Short Axe Lyrics

[Intro: kung fu sample]
[Banging empty glass on the table]
Hey! Some wine!

[Chorus x3: Drunken Dragon (G-Note$)]
Yo, times is hardcore, we settling the score
(The strength from equality, God, the Manchu law)

Yo, things will defined, your rhymes is killed, not together
A fifty two block is not the weapon, it's my sword
Peep the shit I'm connecting, regret the move
Pay the penalty, subtracting from your action
Hit the f**king chess move, mad block the area
Enter niggas fields and get bombed the f**k up
Like Hamburger Hill, who it may concern
And get burned, your company get back
And leaving it work, just like torture
Torching my character, makes things muthaf**kin' worser
Headquarters cross like waters, infiltrated
Rob the snake, it's territory rapist
Front you right there, then learn the shit click
Choppin' heads, the significant
Pray for death, like I'm the dirty dozen
That's rushing, that got me cashed out
Like cousin, it's quick to buy it out
Like niggas in Iran, bombs are thought and
Created by the hand, expand like building with magnums behind me
Bombed the f**k up like a Texaco refinery

[Drunken Dragon:]
I don't need no motivation, shoot at my creation
Heart stop inside my brain, like mental constipation
I start the domination on your nation, causing hysteria
Dutch Master fusion in the area
Erase ya, fact the fact, you never chase Drunk blows like this
I'm coming hard with no tazer
Burn with the flame of a Dragon
First stage: the smoke, then comes the choking and gagging
Crack that at wack ass niggas that try to bag
Bitches like little boys, running home to their dad
You fake this, to make this, never could take this
The asiatic black man, that's how I end this
Conversation, with a bit of revelation
And to end the rhyme, cause that's how our occupation
Redefine, nigga, for my very, come and get
Grow intelligent God, it's our vocabulary
I break a nigga jaw, it's necessary
If you can't stand the heat, stay away from the fury

[Chorus x2]

[G-Note$ (Drunken Dragon):]
Niggas is shook, and what the f**k yo ass know about a juks
Giving phony looks, half way crooks get chopped down and sized
And that's on the rise, that the whiter man lies
(With no suprise, watch out when you lingle
One big footed tingle, my sperm that tingle-jangle-jiggle)
Yo, she caught the fever for the flavor of a hit single
Darts is slashing, long axing, harassing your character
Amateur, call your manager
(Here's a quarter for the slaughter
It's bound vacation, like adult free lanes)
Taking a shit, and you still fit
Well now you relevant, to the situation
Chopping off limbs and Manchuz domination
(I'm untraceable, biting pencils
Cause your whole f**king format is eraseful
You jackass, you catched in the stable, disabled)
I'm cutting more heads than at the sight of 5-0
Cause, I swings high (Yo, and I swings low)
Don't you know, it's going down in the drunk game
Snakes and Brooklyn Zu, who brought Tiger Crane
(The Spiritual Boxer, strong like an ox
Block you out your size, burn like out your box)
Yo, pass more wine on the rocks, more wine
More wine, more wine, more wine, more wine!

[Chorus x4]

[Outro: G-Note$ (Drunken Dragon) {kung fu sample}]
Long Axe, Short Axe, we on some ass backword shit, kid
(Chopping heads) Manchu, coming through, out the throat, is the better
(Tracking all crews, bitch) Got muthaf**kin' bombs/grenades, up in here, hahaha, hahahaha
{Hmm, I guess that you are Long Axe, Short Axe, right...}

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Record Label(s): 2008 Chambermusik Records

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