No Future Lyrics

[M.C. Breed talking]
M. Breed
Uh give it to me
Part 2 baby

I got dollas in my pocket, not from rollin' (hustlas)
I'm a Navigator rider it ain't stollin' (ballers)
I get paid (mo money mo money mo mo money mo money mo)
It ain't no future in your frontin'
(mo money mo money mo mo money mo money mo)

[M.C. Breed]
This shit bumpin' somethin' funky people gonna bump to jump to
Hit em up do what you want to got you where I want you
Ride on this real shit why you hattin' us nigga still gon rip shit
E double I proclaim the name
and you can watch a nigga bubble up and change the game
Got a pocket full of money and weed that's all I need
sittin' waitin' on my nigga bout to get to get freed
Got the knowledge on the streets Cali f**k an Impala
I want a 600 runnin' and when you see me holla holla
See me sin I'm a criminal puttin Breed on the macks
cause I keep the paint jobs all original
Them 20s will cover plenty of ground when I'm in you town
Fuk around get clowned when I' come around
I put it down all that talkin' ain't nothin'
I'm gon tell you once again ain't no future in you motherf**kin' frontin'


Yo Yo Yo Don't make me shoot ya fool ain't no future in your frontin'
Me M. Breed here to break ya of somethin'
I'm the B-double O-T-L-E-G F-L-I-N-T soldiers somebody should have told ya
I crush 'em clutchin' me Breed come to rush 'em
you want to hear lyrics listen up while I bust 'em
Sippin' on that Hen low inhale a good smoke now hold ya breath gag and choke
Fools can't fade already done made it
Top of the line me and M. Breed are the dopest you can find
In the industry cause we be workin' with that chemistry
Magically takin' you to levels form gradually
Breakin' you off from different angles and tangles sytematically
Inhale exhale doin' automatically
Ah ha now yall can ride to the Dayton Family and M. Breed breakin' em of worldwide
Don't hate the player, player hater hate the game
You know who I am and all my thugs know my name
Who am I (the B-double-O-T-L-E-G)
Rap name (Bootleg)
Street name (Party Highly)
All that talkin' that you doin' that ain't nothin'
Me and M. Breed from Flint..(Flint town, MI hell yea, we in it)
It ain't no future in your frontin'...
Flint town...
It ain't no future in your frontin'


[M.C. Breed]
Never got caught with a birdie
Only ride 600 never ride dirty
50 ones always wanna run and come search me
Paper chasin' always wakes a nigga up early

And I got dollars in my pocket not from rollin'
Since I'm not a fiend the my jewlery never stollin'
Puttin' "Bootleg" on everything I own
My white Navigator, 8 twelves on chrome
It's the return of the Dayton thugs fresh out of prison
But I'm still bugged nothin' but slugs for me mugs
Me and 3-6 tearin' up the club anybody violate the family is gettin' drugged
Bootleg who said he can flow like I, I doubt it
Besides that fact Relativity won't allow it
You can borrow my style but please bring it home
Cause my style be missin' its owner when I'm gone
Ain't no future in your frontin'

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 1999 Vishion
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