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Celebrate Lyrics

Find the culprit who's snitching me out (all right)
Follow that bastard and learn his route (uh-huh)
I wanna know who imparticuler he's talking to
Kill 'em all and kill the bitch who let him in my crew

Type a letter to the bureau of investigation
Tell them hoes that they can't infiltrate my operation

Keep C-4 mounted under my establishment
Wait for you hoes come inside with no evidence

This shit is bigger than Mafia hits
Dapper don with the ensemble of killers and shit

Leer jet ready to take off to the Costa Rica
Blunt smoking and Dom sipping when my hookers seat ya'

Soldiers quiet, but I'm still angry when the plane lands
Members greet me Italian suits with a light tan

I know it's time to see the big shot whose got
Buildings and yay yo and guerilla armies on the spot

Moments later we pull up into a secluded jungle
My crew was behind us but got lost when we turned in a tunnel

Sunshine, sea breeze, golf tee's, palm trees
This shit's unreal but my man is living it with ease

Waiter brings me cappuccino
His name is Nino
Retired enforcer for the New York based Gambino

Godfather comes out and takes a seat across from me
5 foot 9, medium build, look about 63

He said I heard you catchin' pressure
J'oo feeling the heat
We hear you're mobbin' in the streets

You got to set it off!!!

(Telephone conversation)
Boss: Hello?!
Bootleg: Hello boss I hope I'm not disturbing you
Members of d'cappo told me to notify you this morning about a shipment that's
coming in.

Boss: J'yea, I heard there's a drought out there in Michigan where j'oo at
I'm gonna send j'oo a thousand kilo's of cocaine
I want j'oo to sell it all
And j'oo send me my money
Bootleg: Well lets get paid
(conversation ends)

f*ck what you doin' now I'm boss!!!
Sippin' on Remi
Making reservations for the weekend Korea
Drug keeping over see a

Dedication and loyalty
Is the key if you wanna get paid like a G
Promotions cross oceans
Big bank keeping up with dope policy

Now when we
Step off the plane
Keep cool and don't offend me
Never speak unless you're spoken to
This man has keys to send me

Take a wolf pack
Stay strapped and ready to attack on these coast guards
No mishaps!
You'd rather take a train with the 'caine I'll arrange that

Are you with that?
When you get back
Contact Texas and our L.A. staff
Never let that
Cocaine get out of your sight
Whole keys don't f*ck with halfs

Now if you get stopped at the gate
Theres one thing you must promise me
Before you cross me
Just think about death before dishonesty

Don't call me
Unless theres an emergency to attend to
I'll send you 10 niggas with fully automatics
To defend you

In a few days that shipment should arrive
Better send some scouts out
Keep a look out
Send two or three niggas on the coast
Standing post with they glocks out

No problems
Just follow instructions everything comes out lavishly
We'll solve 'em
Our mission is to make money fast
And to make money flawlessly

Start stashing
When the coc's all home
Contact money paid workers and separate

Pimp action
20 steps from the club
And we cool, bring cheese to

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Record Label(s): 1999 Vishion
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