Fantasies Lyrics

I'm havin' the type of fantasies ridin' under palm trees
A Corvette convertible feelin' the summer breeze
Conversations on the phone till the night ends
I'm sayin' things that make you wanna tell your girlfriends
The fireplace is burnin' hot and your body sweats
Beside my body while I'm passin' you the Monette
Your Liz Claiborn got me on a natural high
Your toes polished, ankle bracelets make you look fly
No need to rush baby hold me like a love story
And you ain't frontin' cause I know you got love for me
How does it feel to be alone with the Rock Capone
To come together makin' love is like a quiet storm
Your preety smile makes me wanna put my drink away
And push play so we can listen to some Marvin Gaye
This is my fantasy I'm hopin' it will come true
A life of happiness together baby me and you
Holdin' hands takin' cruises on the blue sea
Sendin' you flowers at your job makes you think of me
And all my partners say I'm trippin' but I'm sayin' screw 'em
Cause every gangster got a sentamental side to him
So let's enjoy all the days and all the nights alone
We riddin' horses in the feilds by our summer home
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy

[Chorus x4]
I'm havin' fantasies
I'm havin' fantasies
Romantic fantasies
Baby of you and me

[Big Shawn]
As I look into your eyes I see you afiliated with bad guys
Syndicated don't infiltrate it we got mob ties
When you leave I be missin' you in the worst way
Cuppin' me diamond burgettes for every birthday
Rose petal pathways leddin' to bubble baths
Sippin' Don Perignon to help the troubles pass
My body over your body can you feel it baby
The way you pushin' inside me got me goin' crazy
All my friends be in my ear about the things you do
In the end it's an attempt to get closer to you
Caught a case and lost my baby for a triple 6
Sendin' me letters of promises that he's sick of this
When you come home, baby you gotta slow your roll
Cause you know that we workin' and dealin' with parol
I'm in your corner forever you know it's no surprise
Cause true players can ride and thug never dies
When the doves fly dry the tears from a thugs eyes
We can take the world over baby boy you and I
I keep it true inside on the real I'll be doin' mine
Makin' love on erotic furs of all kind
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy
I pray to God cause I hope you understandin' me
Now close your eyes let's fly cause baby your my fantasy

[Chorus x4]

You got me sleepin' with my eyes wide open hopin' that you seein'
All of the things that me and you is capable of being, becomin'
Cause I know that you really want it
Gettin' blunted bendin' corners in the black 600
On a mission baby the fantasies are comin' true
Drippin' honey on your body to lick it off of you
Open your mouth baby and taste the strawberries
Ice cream, double scoops commin' from Ben and Jerry's
Summer time we reclin on my ninja catana
In the mall we can ball bumpin' to Atlanta
Your body on my body in special places
Makin' love while I'm watchin' you make the funny faces
In the zone nobody's home when we intertwine
You snuck yours now baby I'm commin' for mine
Tossed salad, love ballads, the jacuzzi was greater
Than the time we made love in the movie theater
Candlelight dinners, motion lotion, edible panties
Limozine rides droppin' us off at the Grammy's
Got awarded and you promised that you would never forget me
Blowin' kisses in the crowd aimin' them so they hit me
Skip the afterparties it's time to chase some waterfalls
So I creep to locations where no-one can call
I been diggin' on you way since back in middle school
For three reason you crazy, sexy, and cool

[Chorus x4]

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Record Label(s): 1999 Vishion
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