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This Is Us
Boogie Boys
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This Is Us Lyrics

[ INTRO: Boogie Knight ]
Let me talk about a little reverse psychology
How people try to make you think you gotta be hard
in order to enjoy rap and enjoy yourself
Well, we're the Boogie Boys, mainly Romeo Knight
and it's a little different than that when you come around our way
you don't have to get bugged out or act ill
or shoot up the party to have fun
We into havin good and clean fun
and if you down with that program then you down with us
My man Romeo JD, I am MC Boogie Knight
and we gon' do it a little somethin like this
for all the people in the house that like that peace
put that hand in the air, y'all
If you're into peace, say 'hooooo!'
and I hear that
and we do it like this

[ VERSE 1: Boogie Knight ]
This is us, plus I'm the K of the RK
And bust peep what I have to say
We're from Harlem and we rap and we sing with style
We write songs on this, we're versatile
We promote buggin out, no need to act ill
Life ain't all that, so chill
Cause to stereotype rap, it ain't right
We ain't with that, we're Romeo Knight
We don't sell drugs or snatch gold chains
Caues we work for ours even if we look plain
There's a God in the sky and inside we know
If we do the right thing we're good to go
So that's what I do, my name is Boogie Knight
With a word and a rhythm I pledge to rock right
For the ladies I'm a gentleman, a lover, a friend
Stick your problems out with ya, I might stick it in
RK is proud of whatever we do
Too bad if you ain't with the program, boo
Cause we're takin one day at a time as a must
We're (Romeo) Knight and this is us

Stop it!

Romeo Knight, pump, pump it up

Romeo Knight, pump, pump it up

[ VERSE 2: Romeo JD ]
RK - like a two-man tag team
Easily converted to a hardcore rag team
Normally we chill cause we think chillin in on
If you wanna, we can turn it into hip-hop Lebanon
You can take a chance, try to make an advance
Find a spot and dig a pot cause it's a suicide dance
I ain't gotta be loud, my style excites you
Thunder makes the noise but it's the lightning that strikes you
I'm sure that we can get you buried
Quickly added to a rap obituary
Raggin you and daggin you like smoke in the wind
Before you cough we dust you off and chalk you up as a win
An undeniable force, the pyramid is our source
(We never slack we just attack you like a Trojan horse)
So when you passin us by, let sleepin giants lie
Or we'll annoy you and destroy you in the wink of an eye
I'm the Rome of the night, I got a big appetite
So if you're bitin what we're writin you better stay out of sight
The pyramid on our neck says that RK's in effect
The way we're crushin like a Russian I suggest you ( ? )
RK - yes y'all, like a two-man tag team
Easily converted to a hardcore rag team
Just because we chill cause we think chillin is on
When will you learn that we can turn this into hip-hop Lebanon

Pump, pump it up
Pump, pump it up
Pump, pump it up

Pump, pump it up

[ SHOUT OUTS: both ]
Ah yeah, ah yeah
Romeo Knight is sho' nuff in the place to be
My name is Rome JD
And my name is Boogie Knight
My man DJ Spank, wherever you are, cool on out
Homeboys DJ Shockhouse and Reggie Reg, what up, what up
Basic Bob on the mix
[Name] homegirls Nessy Ness, Chilly C
What's up Christen
One more time
What's up, Ann?
All the funky fresh fans all around the world
Chill, chill on out
My man Mike and Dave and Phase 2 for the album cover, word up
What's up Pam, [Name] in the place, my niece Nikki Nik
Cold chillin, cold chillin, cold chillin (chillin)
Can't forget...
Oh yeah, we can forget them
Forget them
Cause they're bitin
...bite our...
That's why we waited, put our album out after you did yours

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Record Label(s): A Capitol Records Release 1988 Capitol Records, LLC
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