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Body Lyrics


[ VERSE 1: Boogie Knight ]
The body consists of sexy things
Including the skin, for all eyes to behold
There are shoulders and thighs, butts and you-know-whats
Stories about the body that are never told
Like a story about Mary, she almost died
From a disease her body had inside
She lost her boyfriend, poor thing, she cried
Didn't tell anyone, had too much pride
And it all came out on the body outside
Body, yes, the body, able to take a big brainiac
And make him get involved in that love
Get him all infatuated, saying things he don't mean
Cause body love isn't what love's made of
Heard a story about a girl they called Joanne
Homegirl's doin bad, she couldn't understand
Till a brother with juice, known as G Man
Pulled the girl to the side and he said, "Joanne
You really ain't got no man
All he cares about is his hands
All over your body"
Body, body, body, body (body)
All the girls got dogged, that's unheard
They said, "Joanne, you'se a bit regular"
So she gave to the game, pumped weights
And now she's got a body
Gave her body up to somebody
Who treats her like she's a nobody
And he also told everybody
"Joanne's a big freak, she loves when I serve her body"
Well, well, well, that sounds just like
A place you might call dirty
I'm Boogie Knight and while you're at the party
Rock your body till about 5:30
I'm talkin bout the body

Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body

[ Romeo JD ]
When walkin down the street you know my girl gets mad at me
Because I'm checkin out another girl's anatomy
I tell her, "Baby, I don't deserve this
She bent over and she did it on purpose"
My girl's pissed and she walks away
Ha, but I'm chillin for the rest of the day
Hey, when I'm alone, though, I must say
Yo, the def bodies never come my way
Like in a composition, if you can't recall
You know the body used to be the best part of it all
When you're shoppin for a car if you're shoppin for the body
You wouldn't get a Jetta, you would get a Maserati
Am I right? (Sho you right) I know, you don't have to say it
Anybody with a body's on a mission to display it
Swerves and curves, both short and tall
You been buyin your pants two sizes small
Health spas takin all the fly girls' salaries
Summertime's comin, got to lose those calories
Excercise like it ain't no thing
And not the 100 yard dash to the Burger King
Cause when it comes to the body you shouldn't be fessin
Your body is the part that gives the first impression
So next time you come to a Boogie Boy party
If you can't come lean come clean cause we'll be checkin out your (body)

Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body
Body, body, body, body
1, 2, 3 and -

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Record Label(s): A Capitol Records Release 1988 Capitol Records, LLC
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