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Romeo Knight
Boogie Boys


Romeo Knight Lyrics

(Romeo Knight)

[ Romeo JD ]
The disease is gone, like Hercules we're strong
Again, my friend, it's Romeo Knight
We're the Boogie Boys, gettin paid, we're employed
Romeo JD, Boogie Knight, kid, alike

And here's a taste of the bass all in yo face
Ugh, ugh, ugh...

[ both ]
In case you wonder, that's the numbers that've opened the door
We sport the chains with pride
Cause RK is inside
We can't be denied
We came into the world on the very same day
Now we got it all together, and we're ready to play
In pink and yellow we dress
And now it's time to progress
It's time to get fresh

[ Boogie Knight ]
This is how I feel about another knockdown
Generatin, not creating, cloning another sound
To your mother and your sister and your pet rat too
Got a laser gun ready point blank for your head, woo
Tell your mother, soon your father will kneel
Like a Pittsburgh Steeler my rap is hard steel
Like a New York Giant I paralyze your head
Make you feel like you're better off dead like Superfly's Fred
It's the Boogie Knight
Somehow even now my rap is real right
Like this: graduated from Brooklyn Tech
I can get (? complex and correct the direct ?)
An airforce fly guy, no lie, come try me
Your head will get all crunched up and fly - weeee...
To another place beyond
Cause my rap is on
Like 99 strong songs
So quit
Cause my rap is 24 carat
Like King Tut of old I wear solid gold
Keep the egos on hold I don't play the tootsie roll
Romeo Knight, Romeo Knight, sishboomba, chill all night (all night)
All night (all night) all night (all night) all night (all night)
It ain't nothin but the Boogie Boys
Whether you're hard or soft
You're being guided by the megatron force
You gotta get off - hit it

(Romeo Knight)

[ Romeo JD ]
The ability to rap is an art that I'm blessed with
So when I'm rappin I'm not to be messed with
It's so def you could never ignore this
And my performances are labelled as flawless
Shakers on the right, tambourines on the left, y'all
The more you listen then the deffer it gets, y'all
Beats are kickin, my voice is stickin
So your death clock keeps on tickin and tickin
Then pow! Oh wow! You're smashed, get fact that
You been taxed and you're gonna get waxed, Jack
And now you're part of the Romeo odyssey
You been chosen to fulfill my prophecy
Yes you're gonna die but the pain won't last long
Method of attack will be a Boogie Boy rap song
Started with a beat heard around the world
Of a 'fly girl, a fly girl'
So now we been labelled as the drumsound overlords
But all you biters have just gone overboard
Stealin our drumsounds, I can't stand it
Grand theft audio kick-snare bandit
First you tighten em, then you brighten em
We keep writin em and you keep bitin em
Take it as a compliment, so says Ted
But my name is Romeo and I'm fed
Stop bitin off (Romeo Knight)

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Record Label(s): A Capitol Records Release 1988 Capitol Records, LLC
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