Condomnation Lyrics

If I have a date and I think I'm gonna mount her,
I go to the drugstore and head to the counter.
I get what I need and I put it in my wallet.
It's the same old thing no matter what you call it.

A condom,
A scrote coat,
A manhole cover,
A pork cork,
A clam dam,
A plain ol' rubber,
A head shed,
A knob swab,
A third leg stocking.

It's all the same when your bed starts rockin'. Oh my.

If you wanna meet me for a little tryst,
Put a Coney Island white fish on your shoppin' list.
Slip it on when you're getting hot.
Then no one has to sleep on the gooey spot.

Get a gent tent,
A carp tarp,
A halt leg trouser,
A wood hood,
A clap cap,
A doogie houser,
A wank tank,
A root boot,
A prophylactic.

It'll look real slick in a johnson jacket.
Wrap that rascal up in a salami sling.

When you hit the sack,
You're ready, Jack,
To do the nasty thing.
Put on a jock sock,
A beav sleeve,
A canyon coaster,
A ball shawl,
A spunk trunk,
A love gun holster,
A meat sheet,
A goose noose,
A rod partition.

Do the math. There's no new addition.

I met a young lady in a single's bar.
Pretty soon we're getting naked in my car.
Now she tells me I'm gonna be a dad.
I could kick myself 'cause I wish I had on

A muff moat,
A stilt kilt,
A large load stopper,
A boom balloon,
Or a totem pole topper,
A wad pod,
A wet suit,
A gonad girdle.

Cause you never know when she might be fertile.
Neutralize your schlong with a dong sarong.
When you're in bed, use a tickler head
And she'll think you're King Kong.

Wear a love glove,
A squirt shirt,
A gland end gorda,
A bone beret,
A flesh fedora.

Put one on every time you make it
And hope to God that you don't break it!

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