Forget About It Lyrics

Party people in the placeEmbrace the bass as I commence to pick up the paceAnd make you motivate, and accelerateCause like Tony the Tiger, I’m greeeat!Always seem to come off, hard for you somehowI mean me being wack, oh come come nowThat’s quite ridiculous, so just admit you wasThrilled, it’s on your face, and it’s conspicuousNot that you’re on this, but my performanceIs rather exquisite, so hard is itOr supremacy, that’s the perfect definitionBut rappers keep wishing to be in my positionKnow good and damn well they ain’t no competitionHuh, I gotta give it to you kid, that’s ambitionFor you to perpetrate the role of me, the Big DaddyThe Big Father, naah, don’t even botherCause that would mean you would have to teachEach and every one idiotic sonTrying to make it, you can’t fake itThe rhymes I recite are fully dressed and yours are butt nakedYour speech is weak, while my mine stands strongSo, all hail the man that’s here to live longYou know you heard this voice before somewhereAnd when I said that I’m the Kane, you said “oh yeah!”That brother that used to rhyme on stage with BizOh he’s def,” you know what time it isBut this time I’m not assisted on the microphoneMore like Patti Labelle, on my ownJust single-handed, the mic I commandedPhony MC’s don’t understand it, and itIs the real thing like the taste of CokeSo never sleep on me, better stay awokeLike a gambler in Vegas, I go for brokeTo make a long story short, yo I ain’t no jokeI take time and care in whatever I’m doingAnd when I rock a party, I make sure that you en-Joy what you’re hearing as I entertainSo hip hip hoolay, long live the KaneI got the freedom of speech to use it anyway that I choose itSo all hail to the musicOn exhibit, get with it, now here’s my ringThe original supreme being Black manPoint blank, the cream to rise supremeAs those go below like a submarineReaching and teaching a lesson that I’m givingAddressing and impressing the crowd, so how we living?Fine in mind, to decline is out of lineSo pardon this brother as I give you mineTo say I’m not, don’t even diss yourselfCause at times, I have to jump back and kiss myselfLong live the K, the A, the N, the EI say the end will beA big movement, by the time I’m throughAnd that’s coming from a Black man’s point of viewNow pardon me for just changing the issueBut all you sucker MC’s, it’s a must that I diss youThe way y’all be fronting has made me disgustedNow I’mma set you straight, so so yo yo, bust itRappers try and hang and just swear that they can partyBut the style that I’m using is just like karateSo if we ever battle you’re bound to be throughBecause I got a black belt in Rap Can DoNo I’m not Chinese, it’s just rhymes like theseThat destroy an MC with black belt degreesYou’re rocking a party, trying so hard to get looseKid sound awiiite, but I can’t taste the juiceTherefore, the job is left to meSo I get the party kicking just like Bruce LeeBut I won’t stop there, I still rock a little harderWhile the toy MC’s step and say, Sayonara!Long Live the Kane! (x2)Break it down!

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