Ain't No Half-Steppin' Lyrics

Rappers stepping to me they want to get someBut I’m the Kane, so yo, you know the outcomeAnother victoryThey can’t get with meSo pick a BC date cause you’re historyI’m the authentic poet to get lyricalFor you to beat me, it’s gonna take a miracleAnd, stepping to me, yo that’s the wrong moveSo what you on, Hobbs, dope or dog food?Competition I just devourLike a pitbull against a ChihuahuaCause when it comes to being dope, hot damnI got it good, now let me tell you who I amThe B-I-G D-A-double D-Y K-A-N-EDramatic, Asiatic, not like manyI’m different, so don’t compare me to anotherCause they can’t hang, word to the motherAt least not with the principal in this pedigreeSo when I roll on you rappers, you better beReady to die because you’re pettyYou’re just a butter knife, I’m a macheteThat’s made by Ginzu, wait until when youTry to front, so I can chop intoYour body, just because you try to be basingFriday the 13th, I’mma play JasonNo type of joke, gag, game, puzzle or riddleThe name is Big Daddy, yes Big not littleSo define itHere’s your walking papers, sign itAnd take a walkAs the Kane start to talk, cause...Ain’t no half-steppin’ I’m the Big Daddy Kane(3 times)My rhymes are so dope andThe rappers be hopingTo sound like me, so soon I’ll have to openA school of MCing, for those who want to be inMy field in courtThen again on second thoughtTo have MC’s coming out sounding so similarIt’s quite confusing for you to rememberThe originator, and boy do I hate aPerpetrator, but I’m much greaterThe best oh yes I guess suggest the rest should fessDon’t mess or test your highnessUnless you just address with best finesseAnd bless the paragraph I manifestRap prime minister, some say sinisterNon-stopping the groove, until when it’s theClimax, and I max, relax and chillHave a break from a take of me acting illBrain cells are lit, ideas start to hitNext the formation of words that fitAt the table I sit, making it legitAnd when my pen hits the paper, ahh shit!I stop and stand strong over MC’sAnd devour with the power of HerculesOr Samson, but I go further the lengthCause you could scalp my cameo and I’ll still have strengthAnd no, that’s not a myth, and if you try to riffOr get with, the man with the given gift of gabYour vocab, I’ll only ignoreBe sleeping on your rhymes till I start to snoreYou can’t awake me, or even make meFear you, son, cause you can’t do me noneSo, think about it if you’re trying to goWhen you want to step to me, I think you should know that...Ain’t no half-steppin’ I’m the Big Daddy Kane(3 times)I appear right here and scare and dareA mere musketeer that would dare to comparePut him in the rear, back there where he can’t see clearGet a beer, idea or near stare, yeahSo on to be want to be competitionTrying to step to me--must be on a missionUp on the stage is where I’mma get you atYou think I’m losing?Psst, picture that...Ain’t no half-steppin’(3 times)Mister Cee, step to me...The name is Big Daddy, you know, as in your fatherSo when you hear a def rhyme, believe that I’m the authorI grab the mic and make MC’s evaporateThe party people say, damn...that rapper’s greatThe creator conductor of poetryEt cetera, et cetera, it ain’t easy being meI speak clearly so you can understandPut words together like letter, manNow that’s dictation, proceeding to my innovationNot like the other MC’s, who are an imitationOr an animation, a cartoon to meBut when I’m finished, I’m sure that you are soon to seeReality, my secret techniqueBecause I always speak with mentalityI put my title in your face, dare you to baseAnd if you try and come get it, yo I’mma show you who’s with itSo if you know like I know, instead of messing aroundPlay like Roy Rogers and slooow doownJust give yourself a break, or someone else will takeYour title, namely me, cause I’m homicidalThat means murder, cause I’m about to hurt a-Nother MC, that try to get with meI’ll just break him and bake him and rake him and take him and mold him and make himHold up the peace sign...Assalam Walaikum!

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Record Label(s): 1988 Cold Chillin Records Warner Bros Records Marketed By Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company
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