Gummo Freestyle Lyrics

And bro just called my phone collect call ayy Jugg (Hello)
I'm in the hood bro everything all good

(Phone Call)

Pop a nigga like a perky nigga
You a erky nigga
Like a stove we keep that burner nigga
I'll burn a nigga
Like a waiter we be serving niggas
Let me serve ya nigga
Talking tough I never heard of niggas
Uh, the nerve of niggas
I got on Louis bitch
Mixed it with this Gucci bitch
I got a mac
I got a draco with a uzi bitch
Ain't Lil Uzi bitch
All my friends is dead guys
Hunnits and fifties try and take it, it's a homicide
Don't ride my wave
I ride or die rolling 20s, too
22 times I almost died and I ain't 22
Like 21 I'm savage but I'm only 20 bitch
30 in my ratchet but this Glock a 26
Nothing like all these weirdos
Mask up Rey Mysterio
Choppa split em when that chopper hit em
It's a face shot now it's case closed
They know I'm cripping bitch
I rep my set f*ck what you with
I had to hit that bitch cuz they gone say I did that shit
I keep that blicky ayy
Keep that bitch right with me ayy
Keep it a hunnit please don't play the 50
Boy don't come round here
Know we keep them guns round here
We on the trap [?]
We run up dem bands
Split that shit with my manz
Like flag football bitch bands hang from my pants
And bro just called my phone collect call ayy Jugg
I'm in the hood bro everything all good bro
I know he straight and he gone be back faster than the Flash
I got my 3 [?] imma eat up then I do the dash
Flag hang out my left pocket
Gotta new gun with a body on it
FN with the blue tips feel like I put a shotty on em
I do my dance bitch throwin signs with my hands bitch
Oh that's ya mans huh?
You bouta die with ya mans bitch
And that's how we gone do em
Don't say we just gone shoot em
Riding round dirty as a bitch
Feds on my ass imma have to lose em
Woo Woo Woo Woo
Damn imma have to bust em up
Hard caine and dirty razor
Where the plate imma cut up
Ayy Ayy Ayy Ayy
Gangbangin with the gang gang
Ayy Ayy
What he say imma have to hit a nigga brain
I keep that blicky uh
Keep cash in my kitty uh
Ayy watch ya wifey uh
She gone give that kitty up
I f*ck that bitch and dip
And I had my 30 clip
A 30 stick a 30 stick
I run up with the 30 bitch
Ayy Ayy
Gang bitch gang bitch

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Songwriter(s): Bandhunta Izzy

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