Poppin Shit Lyrics

Nigga I'm poppin shit, shut up cause you not
I came from the trap I got racks in the shoe box
Since I started rapping I got my whole crew hot
I pull up just sprayin don't care about who shot
I got yo bitch on her knees and she eating it
I'm on the grind getting Franklins Aretha shit
Always been selfish you know that I'm keeping it
Slide in the DM's, screenshot, then deleting it
Tell that nigga move around what he better do
Used the glizzy let me see what baretta's do
Nigga I'm making them books like Coretta do
Let my gun talk I got tired of telling you
I just been bathing and clothing, aye
Tell that dumb bitch to abort it, she late
Bout to get alot of tears on my face
Cause we make niggas disappear with no case
I been running up them stacks, I mean it
Nigga say he caught me lacking he dreaming
Eyes in the back of my head boy I seen it
Know some demons squeezing it for no reason
Nigga I'm lit, you not, I know it
Come with a Glock, I pop, I blow it
Dot, on that, if not, I'm focused
Wait, I missed, that shit, was bogus
I can't stop drinking it, nigga I'm fiending
Shot that nigga in his face while he screaming
He keep on bleeding, I keep on laughing
Ambulance get him while I keep on trapping
Call them plays I'm in the field ain't no Madden
Hitstick a nigga, run off then I cracked em
Nigga want smoke I ain't bout to go ask him
Pull up with blunts give em smoke when I whacked em
Nigga I'm dripping, don't choke on no mission
Bout to go fishing, reeling yo bitch in
I don't want that it don't come with extension
Ya bitch from the back and I grip her extensions
Pull out her track, pull out her weave
Pull off her wig, bitch I'm a beast
Bitch on your knees, swallow the kids
Hit from the back, grip on her ribs
Nigga I'm working can't take no time off
Too many times on the block let the nine off
Yeah I like to skateboard, know that imma grind hard
Pass bro the xans to the left that's a sidebar
Driving in my car, fast car, blast off
Know that imma kill em so I had to take the mask off
Boy keep talking, I ain't bout to let him cap off
Suck it too good I ain't never bout to go soft
You so soft, I know yall
High balling, with no ball
I could sell a brick with a phone call
Lean in the foreign bout to doze off
Got a main bitch yeah got the side bitch too
Got a bad ass bitch tryna ride my ooh
200 the dash when I ride in the coupe
Lil Wayne ain't no ceilings I'm dropping the roof

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