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The Bay Area has long since been a haven of experimental hip-hop, where artists aren’t afraid to embark into musically uncharted territory. So the fact that Kazu a.k.a emcee Kaz-well has created one of 2009’s most remarkable hip-hop albums is no surprise. The San Francisco-based self described “hip-hop geek” is readying his debut album, Fish Outta Water, a journey into Kaz-well’s thoughts and emotions, set against a hip-hop landscape, reminiscent of 1980s. “I just let my pen go as a catharsis,” explains 28-year old Kaz-well, who was born and raised in San Francisco. “It was all a big experiment.”Kaz’s lyrics are a reflection of his own trials and tribulations, which are typical of many break dancing, graffiti-loving hip-hop heads. Take trac... read more