Take Me Home Lyrics

Aye, aye, aye
Engineer told me to lay back on the beat
Ha-ha, Ha-ha
I heard that, Okay
Yeah, yeah

[Verse 1]
Yo, I came through the door
Like the mother lurking cable guy
Puffin on a cloud, looking down
Watching angels fly
Sound like a way to die
No regrets, no guilt
Only feeling like
Man, I was made to fly
Cats they hating my aura, Cause the way I shine
And I got no time for em, I Lebron
When I score ‘em, Three points off the backboard
Hands up bragging
Like I slide through the back door
Crack jaws on the prom king, you're so popular
I give a buck about the tops you dropping down
Riding around town in your brand new car
Not an A&R, but I found you a star
No astrology, rock hard
No apologies
Till father pull the oxygen up out of me
Please let me be, for about 7 decades
After that I’ll promise
I’ll stomp through heavens gate
So fresh, like the pine in the Everglades
Blades of a white chariot, forget a Escalade...
(Nah, we don’t need that)

Take me home...
Take me home ...
To the place I know
(Take, take me home)
Take me home...
Take me home ...
(I see it)
To the place I know
(Yeah, yeah)

[Verse 2]
Told you before I'm not a mark, not a target
Pulling up in my bucket, I leave it where I parked it
Buck it, tickets all fitted right between
The windshield wipers
And the windows not clean
And my pockets still lean
But hey, I live my dream
No sleep, so deep
Think I’m sinking in my dreams
And I don’t mean Evisu
I mean my people
Code of Samurai
See the path like we do
Go tell Kode Ice
It can't be done
Man, his fingertips are burning
Cause he’s reaching for the sun
All the things I learn from the thieves on the run
Taught me to be free
Don't believe all the non-
Sense and this precipice that I hang of is
Evidence were not cut from the same cloth
I’m a strange kind, but at the same time
Feel all people, like your pain is mine
So please drive slow, in the school zone kids
Know what I mean, keep cool
Don’t lose it...
(Nah, nah)

Take me home...
Take me home ...
To the place I know
(Take, take me home)
Take me home...
Take me home ...
To the place I know

(Aye, aye)

[Verse 3]
Hey, let me get a raise
Cause I’m on my job
And I’m clean with the rhyme
And I’m not no slob
So you corn on the cobs, need butter
Me like no other
Keep trimming fat, like a meat cutter
See, other motherbuckers think its okay
To throw hate, at Kaz-well...
They don’t even know me, go play else where
This is my sandbox
I see you're not the brightest color in the crayon box
Keys to Pandora's box, unlock the secrets
So keep it
Till people see it, believe it
Burn purple trees from Eden
Panorama vision, I have it
I see it, I grab it
I breathe it
Still put it in the air
Air so dirty, still people don’t really care
Seals and the polar bears do
Penguins too, all hate you
Cause you in your H-2
Well peep your rims, don't age like you
So make sure your keep
Spinning, after they do okay?
(Aye, aye)
(Yeah, yo)

Take me home...
Take me home ...
To the place I know
(Take, take me home)
Take me home...
Take me home ...
To the place I know

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