The Beach Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I float through the world, like a letter in the bottle
Hope it reach the other side, if it doesn’t hit the throttle
Got a lot of stress on my chest (chest)
Never let it, get my best (nah)
Best foot forward,yes, step fresh force like a hurricane
Kaz-well, you heard the name, (Kaz-well)
Put it on your mind light the purp to the brain
Fish outta water man, fly like a white crane
In the nighttime, ride a light frame, in the bike lane
Might change your life, if you’re searching for the cure
Soak my sound up, see its much more pure
Round up my FAM, bar-b-que by the porch
Cold ice, told me learn stick you bout to get a Porsche
Got his site on a db8, I mean a db9
Never deviated from my path, see the silver line
Between the earth and space, water and the sky
Gotta shake the haters off my back, if I'm going to be fly

Just drive, by, on to
Just drive by
Just drive by, down to the beach

(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yo, yeah)

[Verse 2]

Yo, our body need the water, but we want the malt liquor
Why you bumping other dudes, when my music more sicker
I'm a real cold spitter, but I don't need to tell you that.
Not a dope dealer, cause I don’t need to sell you that
Hit’em with a hi-hat, get’em with a good hook
I’mma show you the light, put that on the good book
Girl you so right, intelligent with the good look
Selling me your portfolio, that's a good jook
Hook me up so I know I'm a live, no I.V.
I be, flowing on the fly, my life’s a freestyle
So I know I’m going to die, finger on the fast-forward
Never on rewind, I’mma come back when god punch me on the next
Till then, stay unfadeable like a vestax

Just drive by, down to
Just drive by
Just drive by, down to the beach

(Yeah, come on yeah, yeah)

[Verse 3]
I got about sixty years, till I see paradise
Bout 15 till the Dalai Lama is my a-alike
Spread wings take flight, right now
I just learn how to land, when the time comes around
Feel alive when the sun goes down, half man, half animal
A hunter on the prowl, nocturnal like an owl,
Use my words for the power, move mountains,
Separate the kings from the cowards, your lightweight handshake
Means you’re a sucker, looking at me sideways
Man, we could've been brothers, in my lifetime
Did the dirt with the cutters, wash my hand with the water
Now I float like the otter, man I float like harry potter on the broom
Listen to the boom (Boom)
While I’m chilling on the sand dune, by the beach
Reaching my peak, speak now
Or forever hold your peace, and I'm married to the beat like
I do, man I do what I do, me and Scotty doo
Fish outta water be the crew, that got you (Got you)
Open (Open)

Just drive by, on to
Just drive by
Just drive by, down to the beach

Just drive, by, on to
Just drive by
Just drive by, down to the sea

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