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Fly & Wit Da Swagger Anointing No Way Disaster Call Em Out John Zroom Let Go Let God My Fanz The Church Boogie Man Spiritual War Swag Trend Setter Where I Stand Passing Me By Super Sonic Blast Lame Chuck Taylors Imagination Love I've Got No Money Satan's Plan Gladiator Simply Avias The Truth Comes To The Light Dont Worry Open Mind Aint No Game On Ya Computer Screens The World Against Me Dreams See Inside Me Dog Tag Ate That Up Undercover Haters Bad I'm On The Grind Famous Oh Well Who Cares Because Of Me There They Go Avias N Wonderland Magic Bars I Speak You Listen Hater Nation Give Me Props I'm Back Sinner To Saint Bible Party Gladly Been Dismissed Prisoner Of The Microphone Magic Lamp Get Down Up On Me Wit Ya Boy Next Level Themepark You Can Never Be Me I Trust Me Click True To Yourself Watches And Rings Grown Man Status Rapper Annihilation Dedicated To You Fourth Of July Bring It Back Up Mental Asylum Coogi Coogi (remix) Mars Hater In Da Atmosphere True Colors 80's Girl You-vs-me Homosexuality Feelin Myself Animated Beat Fake People Belize Fly Guy Praising You Again My Past Show 'em My Fairytale Avias's Wrath Every Rapper Diss Reality Check High School Memories Free In My Mind Care Free Lasonia Neon Crosses Rappers In Trouble Do Anybody Know What Its Like My Way Evolution Signs Phantom Of The Studio Rage Of The Nemesis I Know What I Want Foes Against Me Mayor In Your City Manipulator Extra Mile For You Cocky Accepted Not Rejected Baddest N Da Building Double Take Thats Just What You Get My Exctasy Heaven Awaits So Does Hell Gates Throw Ya Hands Up High Baseball Shut Em Down Nightlife Crazy World Chew & Spit Classy Light God Social Network Fast Lane One Little Thing You Do Can U Hear Me Now Is Reach Up Truth Creative One Extravagant Girl Just Have Fun Happy Desperate Ride Or Die Niggaz Way 28 Fits Later Frightmare Native Lyricist Kevin Knocked All The Fans Out On The Teco Apocalypse Distress Call Me Jafar Bliss Shooting Stars Haircut Samurai What Happens On Mars Puerto Ricans Mortal No Overnighters Life Missing Suspense Operation Mars Your Evil Spell B.p. Off Memorial Case 33 With The Shrink Soul Is Yours When He Falls Asleep They Go Dead Make Yo Trunk Rattle Spotlight Chick Goodbye Work Out Dead Silence Plenty Hundreds Out Of This World Stay Brand Up Then Darkness Comes The Drop White Boy Mars Said The Rich & Poor Flashing Ya Wonder Why Dey Call Me Raw Pure Flesh Lost In Da Music Celebrate Hotter Than Hot Man Bag Boarding School Bamboo Poles & Sugar Cane Swans & Gardens Any Hater Can Get It Streets Approved I Control My Life My Nigga Back Up Immune To Hurt The End Marilyn Monroe There It Go Frankenstein Helium Nurse Chillen Superwoman Getaway Candy Da Bayous Mars Attack Bammin On The Hood Albert Einstein Boot Camp Rollercoaster Highway To Fame Cowboy Trouble Da Ritzy Life Boss Hair Bitch Uh Oh Images Futuristic City Miami Go Crazy Don't Judge Me Land Of Champions Malibu Boy Mind Explosion Laboratory Trouble Mama Raised A Good Boy Ballroom Trilogys Bored In My Room I Aint Shit Now Where's Your Head At Pole Killer Relapse Fact Remains Heavenly Melodys Still Sex Party Thrill Night Jessica Rabbit Black Cauldron Not Hey Rerun My Life Bad Motherfucker Job Description Swag Like Me