Kevin Lyrics

i've heard things about his music
i know of his very presence
heard his mind is put to use and
all the other rappers scared an
i heard he raps in a local studio they said an
thats the only fact i know of the avias legend...

somewhere deep down in the city of lakeland
there lives a rapper by the name of avias
legend has it that he has a whole laboratory of rhymes
and if he's provoked he'll rip a rapper at the drop of dime
(like kevin from sin city) yo (like kevin from sin city)
his music will put you in a trance, just listening from the beginning
all rap careers will be ending, his legacy is so intriguing
what the hell yall thought this was, this aint no myth
yall ears aint fooling yall, this is a gift
im addicted to music like serial killer
is addicted to death, except this more iller
i got an insane mind when it come down to bars
i keep my rappers locked up, then i shoot on to mars
the sickess flow in the L, babys my name trying to spell
lyrics are so killer they should be locked up in a cell
i heard he live in central florida
thats what you know?
no, thats what i heard
i heard he has a manager giving orders
i need to know the truth
i wonder if he's true
i want to hear his work all of the stuff he do
dont listen to his music
its too addicting
he'll suck you in like a stripper, giving tips and...
if i live by the book then ill die being blessed
these rappers dont understand i am the best
im all up in your ears like stethoscope
thump, thump, now you out like an artery choke
they call me a ghost writer cause im in the night
ready to drop a track make a rapper fight
i got more new suprises than an old town
cause lakeland was washed up until i took the crown
until i took the crown (2x')
then maybe oneday...when the sun is bright...
he'll let up... on our ears he might...
but its my time to shine so uma give it my all
ima go so hard for my family and all
now its spring, then summertime, winter with fall
its two oo's in google like my glasses i recall
niggaz be on the lookout scrolling all through my pics
wondering the next name uma mention, will i diss
i just have to dish it raw, like eggs from a fish
cause these niggaz make me famous cavier just like this
ima self made person too advance for the public
too deep, too hard, should we just change the subject
ill check any hater, like, my nikes shoes
dont have enough to buy just one, i always buy them in two's
i move faster than a speeding train thats why they all hate me
im an on time rapper bout to blow on chelsea lately
im pass music im your headphones clenched on your ears
im your cds, im your microphones, lets get into gear
kevin 4x's

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