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Six bundles on these bitches now they got they hair done
I satisfy these customers cause nappy heads aint fun
Bitches bring me brazilian cause I make em look like millions
And I gotta lot patience on my grown up shit aint children
Peruvian, I'm going in, I'll style it how you want it
Doin heads right cause I know these girls gone flaunt it
Every since I did yo friend a nigga feeling haunted
And every hater left bad news all them bitches fronting
Patrick did my hair bitch, a new day and age
Went moroccan on these bitches with the colors red and baige
I don't know how niggas took it, when they customers said book it
Styling left to the right on these hoes like a nigga cooking
I flow so hard like that water when um shampooing yo hair
6A hair is the best when I do it, did I go there,
Patrick did my hair, the best beautician in town
All them other lame stylist hair productions went down
Hair productions went down
Went down
Hair productions went down

First verse was so smash just how I reel in this cash
When I put that vixen sew in on ya, ya know it's gone last
Silk lace, pretty face, these bitches right in the waist
I don't copy I don't trace don't put me up in yo race
Yes gosh bitches don't want it today
Away with that hate I'm anxious to read and slay
Yes they call patrick even my name don't play
Styling on these clowns anything you got you to say
Call 407 968- 99 72

Hold up bitch where that cambodian
Bitch this aint game, cartoons, nickelodeon
Drowning all these niggas better get something to float in
Patrick back in town, better get yall f**king vote ins

Verse (looking asss)
Look at these heads
Like really
Bye felicia

Look at these broke down stylist, got these hoes looking ragedy, like they island
Hair all napedp up wilding, just for me aint even fun for the child and
Get a lot shade where I'm from, patrick did my hair, others left me like bumbs
Ombre colors for the moms, wanna set up an appoint-ment sign with your thumbs
Niggaz got me f**ked up dumb, if yall thought that I left, then yall drunk on rum
I leave artist all chewed out like gum, in this business bout my paper, looked at you and hummed
Now shoutouts to tinkas closet, lucy lu hairoutlet, niggaz gotta pause it
Know niggas leave ya leaking like a faucet, I'm the best beautician I don't, have to floss it- niggaz

A lot beauticians wanna check, but they clients on my list now where they new checks
I killed em like a f**king t-rex, got new cliental now I'm driving a lex
If you got faith in me bet, I'll have that head right niggaz better come correct,
Who ready, on my list next. you like a nicki minaj after a new fix
I know a lot weak ass business, hoes hair done wrong, and a lot don't finish
Why worry when there's more to replenish, all sideline studios bout be deminished
I'm so bad like dennis the menace by the summertime hit yall a know me as winning
Winning never came to easy I know a perpatrators in game trying be me
Hot combs, curly irons, on, when down to hair pat king of throne
I put a whole of bitch on, so when that hair done don't come me at wrong

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