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Happy Birthday GeneralHead Gone VerticalNo Way DnaAtari Track And Field-new Controller ConspiracyPackage Bloody LipIntroDear Atom You Do Not Want Children. Love AtomMatt Werth SpeaksLord Its Hard To Be Happy When Your Not (live)She's In The BathroomWhere Eagles DareYou Took Me By SurpriseWonderman (hammer Smashed Ball)What We Do On ChristmasWaiting RoomConnor WelcomeSebastian In NigeriaGoalieHead With ArmsFor Aliza Whenever She May SleepJenny S.180 Lbs.The Palestinians Are Not The Same Thing As The Rebel Alliance JackassMeatballLying To YouNo HeadDoes Anyone Else In This Room Want To Marry His Or Her Own GrandmotherFraudulent80's BastardPhiladelphiaOut To EveryoneMustache T.v.Upside Down From HereThresholds To Adult LivingCross Country Atom And His Package Tour Via BicycleBooks My Dog, The Box, Brian Sokel & MeBefore My Friends DoAvenger (rock Version)Atom And His PackageAlpha Desperation MarchUndercover FunnyTrumpShopping SpreeSeed SongPunk Rock AcademyMission 1 AVoid Job Working With AssholesHappy Birthday RalphGoing To GeorgiaFor FranklinFriend, Please Stop SmokingHats Off To HalfordSnowshoe BbqPumping Iron For EnyaPossession (not The One By Danzig)Open Your HeartNutritionMind's Playing Tricks On MeMe And My Black Metal FriendsKarpathiaIt's A Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad Mad LibIf You Own The Washington Redskins You're A CockI, Professional GamblerI Am Downright Amazed At What I Can Destroy With Just A HammerHead Of Septa, Nose Of MeHe Kissed Me (rock Version)Anarchy Means I Litter
Related Information for Atom & His Package Atom (Adam Goren) created spastic, heartfelt, punk-inspired rock anthems with a guitar and Casio synthesizer along with the help of his trusty sequencer, "Package". His intensely personal, in-joke-laden lyrics sound like scribblings from some much-xeroxed 'zine, while the music itself is often irresistibly catchy. Atom played his final show in August 2003, and is now a member of the band Armalite... read more