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Hey yo
Back in the studio
Shout out to my boy NASTY TEC
This ones for all my homies out there

[Verse 1]
Started this rap sh*t as a teenager
Tryna push sh*t out my chest, just to feel better
Not knowing what I would wanna be latter
Regardless of what it be wanted to be greater
Been more than 10 years and I'm still writing
They say the civil wars' over but I'm still fighting
Tryna make that cake with a little icing
Tryna buy the wifey a nice ring whatever it's pricing
Working hard each day just to see another
Third world taught me they just tryna feed the hunger
If you on the same grind you probably feel a brother
‘Cause we are the same kind, just with different colour
I'm just tryna do my best till I live life
I mean who in the world wouldn't wanna live nice
And this is all I've got, could never live twice
So I better get there and live like I wanna live likes
So I'm out here working hard for the peas
I say f*ck the world, only got regards for my G's
Got a mind full of words and a heart full of beats
And whenever I freestyle I go hard like a beast
[Verse 2]
You better know I am the one upon to come up
Sleepless nights just working till the sun up
Tryna make that leap and this is just a run up
Wait till I'm on the screen like, “what's up it's Yama!”
Started out back home with a third world dream
Now I'm up in this b*tch for that first world prim
Funny how life change, before you know it
I'm just tryna keep calm and live with the moment
I'm stressed but never show it
Even at my lowest
I'm tryna give life a meaning
Even when times are hopeless
Stay devoted to my people and never stop
If life is a teacher then I've been through a lot
Let me ask you something, what you know about pain?
What you know about being homeless soaking in the rain?
What you know about sleeping in the snow?
Still got 40 miles to go and you bleeding out your toes
And you know it's peak dude
When there's 7 billion people out there
But nobody to speak to
Working low wages tryna make the ends meet
I see a lot of people but the world feels empty
It's a cold world filled with lust, greed and envy
But plenty plenty people will kill you for a penny
When anytime friendly faces turn unfriendly
Just ‘cause they bought a new chevy or a bentley
I could go on and on but don't tempt me
I was kinda broke so I'm just tryna mend me
And I'm steady on my way to the top
The albums coming soon just wait for the drop
Got a couple shows so I'm making that guap
I'm that one force that you could never stop
And I do it for my people
Tryna help me, tryna get all these homeless kids out the streets
And I'm like a footballer ‘cause I learn with defeat
So I could never lose and get beat
[Verse 3]
Look I'm just really thankful I'm alive and breathing
And as long as I'm here I'll never stop dreaming
I believe in love there's nothing else I believe in
And if God really exists then he must be sleeping
‘Cause look at what's happening in this planet
It's really tragic, sometimes it puts me in a panic
My eyes cry vivid but my heart sinks like titanic
They say God's really
But I really don't understand it
They say this and that gonna happen
But frankly I've had it
Do you really think someone is just gonna come and work his magic
Or are you gonna wait for it to happen
Just preach and never practice
Have faith in yourself not a religion ‘cause it's madness
So Imma do good without jealously or envy
Try to defeat the Satan and bring out the God in me
And I really hope you do the same

‘Cause if you think the world is a mess
Then it's only you to blame

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Record Label(s): 2020 Pashupati Records
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