Mc's Ultra Part 2 (remix) Lyrics

[Kool Keith]
I have a mystical style, combined with common data
If a sucker can't catch it, to me, it doesn't matter
A fact, equivalent, to a stupid MC
I'm greater -- than the rest of them
I'ma smack every duck and beat the best of them
til they DIE, and I'm tellin no lie
By a native warrior, from the Bronx, Cooley High
As my rhymes get tougher MC's all suffer
from the consequence, and all elegance
Your girl's on my jock and it don't make sense at all
Because we're havin a ball
Takin out all suckers, ??
Cause you got too many, to find your big group
and get paid, and try to be like me
Not another sucker duck punk toy MC
Cause we're.. "Ultra"

[Ced Gee]
Check it
Come one, come all, we can all have a ball
Mad Cristal, so son dance til you fall
Ultramag, the original bag
From "Poppa Large," to "Mentally Mad"
We keep heads fiendin
Fat beats for life son, keep heads leanin
and mad knottin
Just like Picasso, see I got so
many, dollars, I make you holler
Oooh, Ced Gee
Back to please, we spit the mad hits
Always legit, from Bronx to Harlem
Cairo, Egypt, Brooklyn New York
L.A. to St. Lou', Miami and Houston
Philly too
We rock the mad ghettoes, lace the drum pads
Bless the pedal, go acapello
We got the flav
The grooves we think about, my man spaceman plays
Cause we're.. "Ultra" {magnetic}
Uhh, check it "Ultra" {magnetic}
Yeah, feel it, uhh "Ultra" {magnetic}
Yeah, c'mon, c'mon, c'mon "Ultra" {magnetic}
Moe Love..
Uhh.. "Ultra"
Moe Love..
Moe Love..
Moe Love..
Yeah "Ultra" c'mon
{magnetic} ah Kool Keith

[Kool Keith]
Well I'm amazing, more or less fantastic
I'm like steel, others are plastic
that try, to deny my emininence
Thoughts emphasized
above the unusual pattern
rearranged in a rhyme, but sometimes
I don't, and I won't, but keeping up the pace
as the bass kicks
at a positive height, excelling
to a higher degree, of mathematical
irrelevant terms, germs, just stop
Release the mic -- put it on the stand
Step back while I overreact and have a flashback
Break inside your brain
and take a part that you don't use - then abuse it
Throw it up and down, then confuse it
Leaving out of control, your memory
By the wizard Kool Keith, advancing energy
Cause we're..

[Ced Gee]
Yeah "Ultra" feel it {magnetic}
C'mon "Ultra" uhh {magnetic}
Hah "Ultra" yeah {magnetic}
Remix "Ultra" yeah {magnetic} feel it
Uhh "Ultra" one time
Uhh "Ultra" yes, yes, to Ced Gee
"Ultra" {magnetic} uhh..
"Ultra" {magnetic} c'mon.. yeah..
"Ultra" {magnetic} check it..
"Ultra" {magnetic}

Check it
I'm quite intelligent, smart invincible
like a professor son, with a high IQ
The things I do, keep you confused
Refuse to lose, make you feel the blues
Touch your sole son, yes you choose
new shoes, so whatchu do
Step right up and through, and over the threshold
We make it Special, like Ed, that's what I said
I'm on the rise, majestic
Parallel sequence, protected
and copywritten, no sex case like Mark Whitten
So what are you kidding?
I love honies with mad hips, and fake lips
I make them drip
like running water, so hide your daughter
And that's an order, from Ced Gee
Cause I'm.. down with..

Yeah "Ultra" uhh {magnetic} feel it
Yeah "Ultra" c'mon {magnetic}
And you say New York City
The sounds you are about to hear.. uhh

*ad libs to end*

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