My Size 9's Lyrics

I'ma tell you a story right here
I'ma tell you sumthin about my life
Understand my life,
This is how it feels to be in my shoes
My size 9's

See Im a sneaker pimp and i wear size 9 Nikes
And I could bet youll never find the same like these
Slip em on youll understand how i feel
See in my shoes, your life, you can never stay still
Mile high clubs at Boeing paces, im goin places
And foreign land invasions for paper chases
I get acquainted with unfamiliar faces
Feel the positive energy when they embrace us
But thru out the whole ish I kept it real
I been the same kid since before I had a record deal
I went thru a paradigm shift of mentality
This aint reality show, its just reality
I gained success thru a series of stresses
Not thru bullshit fan votes and sms'
But dont get it wrong, I give AF 2 props
That kid winner was coo plus both Lindas were kinda hot
Prolly only show that I can handle
Turn my TV on same ish on every channel
Plus it tickles that everybody wanna be Simon
Bogus judges, talents wastin they time
And innocent kids press send and now they stuck
With the scheme of the century telcos makin million
I dont recognize no phony title
Save your 50 cents kids, Ill be your annual Malaysian

No no no no no no
You dont a have a clue about how it feels like in my
size 9's
No no no no no no
You dont a have a clue about how it feels like in my
size 9's

People always have an extra opinion about things they
dont have,
Things they dont own, even things they dont know,
Remember, greats mind discuss ideas, average minds
discuss events,
Small minds discuss people, stick to the music

See I would never kick my shoes off and jump into a
damn pool
Posing half naked, smilin like a damn fool
Things that suckers do for trashy magazines
Sleaziest ways to get em noticed in the scene
Reporters mad now cause Malique decline an interview
Im sorry ma but Malique rather be in the booth
He rather write more hits, remain your favorite dude
Than talk about his hobby and his favorite food
Come to personal life, yo kill the drama
And if you ask me who's my girl again, Ill say your
Some ish you wrote last year has cause me trauma
Thats when I went missin you couldnt find me like Osama
But I extend my gratitude and mad love
To those reporters who show too phat mad love
Those who focused on music and not wack stuff
Take your gossips back go back and jack off
Bad or good your emphasize on music
The pen is mightier than the sword you dont abuse it
Peoples lives depend on how you use it
Some handle it well while the rest just lose it
Tell em the whole truth or leave me alone ma
Wish peace upon me or leave me alone ma
You either love me, or leave me alone
If I dont pick up the phone, means I wanna be alone


6 years in the industry, this is my personal report

Slip my shoes on and now you a minority artiste
Pissed off because the mainstream is garbage
You ask me hows the industry, this is how I feel
90% wack , 10 aight but none keep it real
Stop the screamin yall sinned enough
How you singin love songs but never been in love
Same old corny ish about heartaches and heartbreaks
. up lyrics thatll surely .. up your heart rate
The industry gotta wake up
Quit givin girls who cant sing microphone and make up
Few sound good both live and cd
The best three to me Sheila, Ning and Siti
Old school rock will always remain legendary
And . these overnight starts are just temporary
Too phat? You say they good, yea Ill be proud too
But doesnt mean Ill say the same thing about you
One hit single now you switched to acting?
You cant sing anyway, stick to acting
Some are like prostitutes will do any kind of show
Have a little class tho, youre rushing your time to
Like a bunch of r&b clowns
Thinkin using voodoo ish can bring me down
Thats the price of fame says the wise mind
And this is how it feels to be in my size 9's


That's how it feels to be in my size 9's,
My shoes, Im bold enough to admit my weakness
Im man enough to tell you that I dont like you
Exactly the way you say you dont like me
But its all love tho, its all love.

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