Que Chill Lyrics

Call me Q.C, short for Que chill
Half of Too Phat, kid of true skills
Yeah they call me Que Chill, who the hell are you?
Yeah Im a dope emcee, what the hell are you?

They always askin me what I like what I do
I do what I like and I usually like what i do
Im like my own boss, I write my own laws
Wash my own drawers, scratch my own balls
I like to mind my own business now and stay home
Avoiding all invitations to Satans play zone
Eat well and stay toned, blood free from no no's
Im like a Tony Montana you Tony no nose
Study gangster flicks, chi chi get the yayo
Double s15 burgs, double cheese and mayo
Sunkist apple with sacs, packs crumple my abs
Rub and relax with spf4 carrot extract
Parody tracks, Mary's send merrily laughs
Pirellis dash as I blast on your monkey ass
Beef is good I dont eat chicken or ..
I hate chickens and .. cat is chicken or ..
Jord's and air ones alone around 50 plus
From 150 plus, pimp till Im 50 plus
And im keepin it dragon, red bandanas are hangin
And the fingers are flaggin, when im rappin Im braggin
Braggin? Check checkin the mic that im grabbin
In the back of your hatchbacks, in your vans or ya
Where this record is bangin

They call me Que Chill,
Now who the hell are you?
Call me Q.C, short for Que chill
Half of Too Phat, kid of true skills
You dont really know me
Or what Im bout to do
Yeah they call me Que Chill, who the hell are you?
Yeah Im a dope emcee, what the hell are you?

Was an impatient kid, theyd tell me Q, chill
So why not Q chill, and now im Q chill
I write words that rhyme and each rhyme is tight
Five digits, five six how my dime is like
And my mind is right, crabstickin and sushi
With mysterious who she, I love I love Lucy
And I like girls with ab lines on they stomach
Not those who rather gather fries in they stomach
I like girls with butterflies in they stomach
Not those who shake they , with butterflies on it
Rappers dancin like butterflies sting like a bee?
Mind your language, Ali, call me mastergee
As you pass the g, you show me g love
And when I holla bro bro you holla g dove
Joe holla Kartelo hello, I holla g dove


Falling back on that ass with a hellified gangster lean
Getting funky on the mic like an old badge of college
Its the capital Q oh yes im fresh with the U and E
C H I with the double L, the ladies love QC
But im choosy and picky, bumpin Luda and Biggie
Chill in Kuta with Ginny, blazin Buddha and Henny
Dirty southing at granny's, watching nanny with family
You holler Uno? Uno game, scrabble pictionary
And im still blazin at great heights, still having
Stage frights
Lettermans late nights, letters at late night
To my fans and mom
Cause my mom's a queen, and my fans da bomb
And they keepin me movin
And im keepin em movin
Respect and mutual understanding what keepin us movin
And after laughter, cries and 4 LPs
Suckers still down with me.


You just a phony rapper,
Your mom's the only clapper
Flabby lonely rapper, hanging wit your crony crappers
And im sicker and dapper, and im bigger and deffer
Louis thicker with cheddar, fatty 3's and im clever
Dear rapper stop whining like your mother left you
The only mic you ever touched was your father's nephew
And Im full of surprises
And Im bigger and deffer

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