Goin' Crazy Lyrics

verse 1)
Paranoid when my mind is playin games
At night I can't sleep somebody callin' my name
Soft, mild and husky rather familiar
Neither my homeboys or nor was it my neighbor
Outside it was smoggy dark as hell
Who dare to walk the streets better know how to yell,
I cover myself deep under the sheets
Visions of Freddie keep wakin' me from sleep
Goddamn there he was smilin', candle in his hand
This wasn't Jason, Freddie or Mr. Candyman
Hold up, how could this all be real ?
An imaginary friend from my childhood years
Now tell me, did he come back to seek his revenge
After I pushed him off the roof when we was ten
Blood splattered, alone in the corner
One blink he there the next blink he gone aaaa
Under my bed I keep a king size chainsaw
Just incase he reappeared I'd rip his brains off
If he a ghost then he better be swayze
Hallucinations are drivin' me crazy

I'm goin' crazy I'm goin' crazy
things around me are driving me crazy
I'm goin' crazy I'm goin' crazy
things around me are driving me crazy now
I'm goin' crazy I'm goin' crazy
things around me are driving me crazy
I'm goin' crazy I'm goin' crazy
things around me are driving me crazy now

(verse 2)
Last year I usta date this girl her name was Carrie
But the way we broke up was hella scary
It all started one night she caught me cheatiní
Doiní her best friend on the table in the kitchen
Shorty grabbed a knife and tried to stab me,
smack me but never before she even slapped me
The struggle lasted five minutes or more
Then there was blood all over and shorty hit the floor
I never thought that it would end in such mess
I never though I'd stick a knife in her chest
May the Lord forgimme 'cause it was all accidental
But tell me why it keeps playin' in my mental
Damn, my brain is stained with pain from the horror
Tell me whether I can do something for her
Mourn her, cry till my eyesight is hazy
Iím losiní it, I think im goin crazy

(repeat chorus)

(verse 3)
I hear voices tellin me to give up my soul
(Is it a dream?) your worst nightmare threefold
Itís the one you only get to see in the movies
You gotta wake up twice before the punk leaves
Both side of my brains is goin flip flop
I stabbed my girl and pushed a friend from the rooftop
Never thought that conscience would be my killer
Twist of fate, now patience my coffin sealer
I wish I had dementia, amnesia
At night I pump myself with caffein and nikotena
Well is it worth the pain,goin insane
And when I thought I was safe itís night again
What should I do should to end all this misery ?
well if I died I could be dreaminí for eternity
I think I've had enough, my mind is bothered
I hear that voice again now it's decided

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