Crazy 88 Lyrics

We from the K-A-RT-E-L, holla
Now you know people all know that we keep it gangster
If you aint made, talk is cheap dont bother
We businessmen with eyes on every street corner
I got hustler spirit man, period
Check out my hat man, yo peep the way I wear it
Check out my swag yo, I walk like I own this town
Deals is underground, start work when the sun goes down
And when its time to throw down, I knuckle up
Keep your voice toned down now buckle up
They say Im vain, they say I always go for the jugular
What can I say yo? I told you Im a hustler
Ready to go to war playa, quick with verbal badgering
These rhymes that Im trafficking, without these lines
You panicking
Dont sell it by the grams, not bothered about the
Stay focused man, trying to make ten billion yen
Trying to make a million fans in Japan
Understand the message
Same the track be banging, in Pakistan
From Iraq all the way to the Netherlands
Rap is universal, so it naturally it transcends
Across oceans, Im hoping to touch different colours and
And understand their frustration and emotions
9 on the Richter, no belongings, yo peoples is homeless
Victims of the tsunami, longing for their closest
And loved ones, mothers searching for lost sons
Gone but never forgotten, so I sing em this song,
Immortalizing thoughts on wax, putting thoughts on
Some say I dont spit enough conscious raps
Why they cautious of that? Yo, my conscience is clear
And this flow that you hear is the best you ever heard
in years
They say listen with your ears and feel it in your soul
When the pen touch the pad, make sure the truth is told
When you up in the lab, be uncouth and bold
Arrogant on the mic and on stage you cold
Sonny play your role, now assume into the position
If you reppin your believes, then yous a hip hop
And ignore the propaganda, most of it is slander
And ignore the politicking, its these rhymes that Im
sticking to
The green faced, red heart brothers, we the brave heart
World renowned playboys and break heart brothers
Malique and Joe, T-Bone complete the trinity
Space traveling sounds, moving in synergy
And time move slow, infinite 88

( Malique )
You prolly see me cruisin in a red coupe and recognize
Get excited start to talk ish, categorize me
Claimin you heard this and that
Ay yo he did this and that
Your home girls like, for real? How could I miss that
Now you can witch chat as much as you wanna
Words a prayer what goes around it comes around the
A loner I learn to trust nobody but the owner
If life was really witch how come I never boned her
I was never told of my exact IQ
But what Im sure is I dont breathe and think like you
I aint like you, I dont simply say that I dont like you
Remember times when I was young and dumb like you
All praises due, Im convinced Im a genius
But come on even a genius sometimes thinks with his
In my case many times, I crossed so many lines
I tossed so many dimes, I hurt and broke so many kinds
I wrote so many rhymes, weak in content and structure
Party themes instead of education and culture
How could I hold bottles and be a role model
More like a role model on how to roll models
To err is human and it feels divine
I know I promised to quit sinnin but I still rewind
Advise me, another sip or should I spill the wine
Remember, to err is human, to forgive's divine
Huh, I spoof phrases, confuse you and you still listen
A street walker, sweet talker, social chameleon
I aint beatin round the bushes with my stories
But if you claim you really know me you'll dig these
Two of the most loving girls I was disloyal to
Fans who felt me before I prolly spoilt you
Friends who felt neglected, relations I affected
Advices I rejected, ink of poison I infect wit
Thru my dreamy eyes, you see my dreams and cries
Be from the smallest lies, dude is here to apologize
Deracinate all the hate that I desiderate
Paranoia, guilt from the past must I eliminate
Ask me not where I hang no more
About me chippin in more magnums with the gang no more
About me freakin to the beat because it works no more
Fellas you dont have to worry bout your girls no more,
Im done
Life is hard, harder if you stupid
I played my part you play these 88 bars and loop it
Forgiveness given once you've understood the story
Spy apologies win without me sayin it

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