I Know A Dj Lyrics

I know a DJ, I know a DJ [x4]

[Verse 1:]
I had 12 tracks recorded and ready to play
When a call from the label says they're on their way
To the studio to hear what I'm plotting on dropping
In ya ear, at the time, felt like, this was the record of the year
Confidence - all time high, friends dug it, heads love it
Had a twinkle in my eye 'til the man in the suit said he can't compute
So I looked at him a little confused
He took a breath and told me "Look son, it's really so simple
The rhymes are hot but I can't hear your single
You're gonna need something for the kids to sweat you
Or a, beat from Kanye so fans'll respect you"
I thought about his proposition, then explained how there's many other ways I
Can dominate the competition
I ain't gotta go mainstream to blow, and I ain't gonna blow to go
Mainstream, for sure
So if even the radio don't give this love I know DJ Diaz'll cut it up in the club

[Chorus: scratch by Diaz]

[Verse 2:]
You see a single is just that - one idea
One shot to hit the big time and get out there
To the kids and the wallets, try to make a profit
Off the last 5 years that you put into your product
No shame in tryna make a doller outta the game
It's no game when radio's paid to push play
It's OK to reject the role they wrote ya
Don't act Cyprus Hill if you be a non-smoker
Or let the magazine gloss blur vision
Front covers only last 'til the next edition
After that you're the next addition
To a list of victims falling hard off a chart position
They got egos for airbags so teeth get chipped
When the self-esteem crashes and the wings get clipped
But even if the TV don't give this love
I know that DJ Skoob'll spin it up in a club

[Chorus: scratch by Skoob]

[Verse 3:]
You may have noticed my humour's dry, won't water this down for the human eye
Rather you cry me a river, so I can go swimming in the tears of a music critic
I'm self-acquitted, of the need to reform or assimilate
Wear a black hat to the side or imitate
Imagination is back in fasion
Had to unplug the cable for that to happen
Looked inside myself like my eyes turned 180 degrees
Slaughterhoused 80 mc's, 'til they lent me their ears,
Lent me a hand, pull each other up under-ground take a stand
Spread like rumours and tumors until the tenants upstairs see there's
No room for improvement
Cause this music is something special,
Down for the cause like a monk with a can of petrol
Can I get you to say: independant hip hop all damn day!
Cause even if our leaders won't give this love
I know El Gusto'll bang it out in the club

[Chorus: scratch by El Gusto]

I know a DJ, I know a DJ [x4]

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Record Label(s): 2007 Elefant Traks
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