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Universal Battle Lyrics

Long ago, the universal battle took place, between the sun and the moon

Why must we fight [x10]

Why must we fight
If we join together, we'll shine bright
Why must we fight

You ain't nothing just the reflection of my light and power
My rays shine bright
Against the cold I offer protection
I evaporate the rain after showers
My position in the heavens determines your hours
I'm the sun god commonsense praised me
It wasn't the big bang theory
The all mighty god rasied me
In the west I rest towards the east I rise
My heat dries the tears from your cries
Theories stating that planets don't revolve around me
Are nothing more than lies
I shine so bright no mortal can look me in my eyes
Now wait, hold up
You know different from all the other stars in the sky
Acting like you special cause you waste light on human civilization
For me they built space stations and rockets
Little do they know, I hold alien life forms in my meteor craters and pockets
Man, because of my gravitational pull your humans is standing
For me they televised the first space landing
Come on
Who do these women with no self confidence go to when they need tanning?
I'll be here forever
Blessed by jehova
Your running out of time before you red giant and super nova
I was searching for peace, trying to hide the innocent
While you were shedding light over wars
Bullets being tossed, death, battles and the holocaust
Watching my people get crucified on the cross
Constellations shine with me to guide the lost
Vampires prowl under my light
Dow monks meditate in front of candles they write
Werewolfs howl under me when I'm full
I raise the tides, over gravity I have control
Claiming you hot, but I can't feel you in the winter
Three out of four seasons
You omnipotent? give me one more reason
I'm the beacon of light in the darkness never leaving
You got the homeless dying and freezing
I offer no damaging sun rays, killing people with cancer
Nocturnal animals worship me
I camoflague the panther
If I question the people of darkness
It's me, to whom they answer
Why must we fight
If we join together, we'll shine bright
Why must we fight
I'm the sun you son
S-U-N you the S-O-N
My solar flares corrupt the technology of men
You appear in quarter half and crescent, I'm always full
I shine on all borders, feel my wrath
Brighter then flourescent my light has soul
Third world countries could take you out with one missle
Your lights artificial, meteors don't effect me
Your surface is riddled with craters
You little to me, a piece of candy, you wanna battle now or later
I'm more respected, add it up the math agrees
Phoenix, named their basketball team after me
The light you emit is so dim, that humans had to develop candles
Who was responsible
For melting icarisus' wings and sandals
Crime occurs at night time you responsible for schemes and sandals
You got no color, I offer rainbows plus my sky is blue
Your nothing new, this solar system alone got forty of you
You retreat after half a day
I'm here to protect it
So why should a coward be respected
Thinking you're powerful
Coppertoned you down, humans merely use sun screen
Thinking you a god?
We all came from one being
I show the big dipper and reveal constellations
All you offer is clouds
People think they see figures in the sky but it's just patience
Mixed with imagination
I am the man on the moon
Physical features is fact a true person you're facing
Saying you make change
But your revolutions go in complete circles
What are you chasing?
Nine planets revolve around me
Your just a rock following the rest
Shadows fade when I peak over the horizon
Even if you had a number two pencil you could'nttest
I am the day, you just a knight, I'm the king
The center of attention
Mother natures my queen
I'm a real rock
When they take me for granted I burn these human beings
You're weak
A pacifist
I've never seen moon screen
You get your light taken out with a simple eclipse
I am ra, praises of arabic, spit, drips from egyptians lips
Under my constellations, ancient pharoahes lined up their pyramid tips
Rest in peace sun or should I say R.I.P.S
You're insignificant
In the book of the universe
You wouldn't even get a caption on a page
You're forgotten, your assasanation wise elders is plotting
Where were you during the ice age
All of this fighting is worthless
All of life deserves a purpose
Why do we fight, let's shine
All bow, this is god, time and space
For too long I watched these humans fight over land, religion and race
I'm the distance in between all this war and battling
I'm the only reason you too are here
I know all and see all
I'm the wind that guides the whisper to the ear
The universe is one
All is connected
Everybody got there own reason
It's karma you should be respecting
Sun, you guide the people and give them light
You feed nature down to the roots your impact is deep
Moon, you hide the innocent, giving people peace to sleep
I gave you sunday and monday, you both are equal
There's billions of moons and stars in this universe
If you let hate and envy over come your emotions there won't be a sequal
There's been much to much, blood on my name nothing is worthless
When well we learn that both light and darkness serve a purpose?

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dirty Laboratory

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