Poser Lyrics

(Passenger the pumpkin killer)
Hey time, hey time, what kind of rapper are you
Oh I'm one of those posers dude

I'm one of those I'm so intelligent rappers
I'm a rap dweeb, rap geek
I love rapping, I'm a rap freak
I'm one of those it's all good peter pan jiffy Skippy rappers
No wait I'm one of those only got college fan hippy rappers
No, I'm one of those I'm not an emcee I'm a rapper rappers
(Teen Wolf)
Emcee chat room moderator yo

Took the fork in the road starting eating with it
Cutting and stabbing at the earth's crust
Fatal attractions the worst lust
I don't thirst for much
Dead, dumb and blind to this world
Stumbled into love at first touch

Now I'm numb, they vowed they come, got loud for some
Take ninety nine percent of the population and you'll get a crowd of
Cause creativity and innovation is change
If you don't give tradition
Ventilation then the popular will develop hunger pangs
Truth is strange, stranger than fiction
Out of the average number range
So sign the petition

Cause if I'm white and like hip hop then I'm a nerd
And if I'm not holding anything gold or silver then I probably took third
When the windows clean we enjoy the view
But when it's dirty we complain about how our vision is blurred
(I can't see, I can't see)
So I took off my sock and shot off a missile toe
(Where my dogs at?)
Cause no humans hear my whistle blow
Hip hops still in the fifties seeing everything black and white
Now we got flat screens with techni-color
It's really not that serious but get your facts right
Darwin said the evolution won't be televised
So I'm serving up plates of sarcasm on my satellite dish laughing tonight
Cause I'm one of those you know
I got a third eye super spiritual meditate when I freestyle rappers
I'm one of those abstract cats
No, I'm commercial and write about how I act black raps
Cause if I don't write about space ships then the weirdo's won't like me
And if I don't switch up my style then the thugs will bite me
Wait a minute

You're not hip hop if you don't act like a rebel
But everyone's a rebel so I'd be a rebel
If I acted normal instead of gullible
Serving kid's humility Pills with a side bowl of soul

I'm not hip hop because I'm not an atheist
Matter of fact forget being hip hop, I'm music
I'm just a writer holding a wad of luck
I'm saying my words if they don't applaud who gives a f**k

Open up your third eye

You see cause I'm one of optimistic conscious kids
Who spawn nonsense about what music is
I'm one of those keeping hip hop alive rappers
Nah I'm killing it, it's dead
I'm one of those rappers who makes words off the top of his head
I'm the dopest, I'm the whackest, nah I'm probably in the middle
You think rappers create words, your vernacular's too little

Cause if I wear a Yankee cap and an ego I can rap
I make friends with worms aspirating dirt
It's frightening down under
People dance for moisture but don't want the lightning and sound of thunder
It's exciting to wonder
That opinions are facts and not records but candles are wax
And at my home I got a bloody mantle displaying all the knives from my back
I got the posture of a jelly fish
Speed of a crustacean
And I hate the weekends cause it doesn't give me enough time to ventilate my frustrations

Who knows people that hate freestyling
(I do I do)
I'm one of those rappers who don't go to battles
They just sit home writing love poems and haikus
Us rappers need to stick together
But I'm not like you
Wanna know why?
Cause if I win a battle they say you got beat by a skater
I'm one of those rappers who suck
And when you tell me I suck I call you a hater
(Don't be hating yo)
Cause I won't be popular if I don't rap about fallopian tubes
And I can't be gangster if I don't rhyme with Ethiopian dudes
No I'm one of assholes who's got a big ego from doing local shit
Matter of fact, I'm not an emcee or a rapper I'm a vocalist

(The typewriters)
I'm one of those pretty boy rappers
I'm one of those homely rappers
I'm one of those pretty boy rappers
What are you, what are you, what are you?

Go ahead yell until your voice do break
I'm just one of those rappers being offended is a choice you make

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dirty Laboratory

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