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Look closely in front of your eyes there's an epic battle scene
The squire's getting ready for a busy night
In between another fight with king sooper and the dairy queen
He got mad, when she joined the safeway team
Albertson, cub food, lived in a radio shack
Across from a spineless chiropractor and he said he had their back
They say it's supply and demand
But it's more like, merge and fry the middle man
Fuji, pulled a disposable on kodak
Shot him twenty four times and went out with a flash
He saw his target and got a tall cart
Looking for a picture to hang on his wal-mart
The ferrari logo was grazing in a barnes and noble
When k-mart sold some bullets that shot a starbuck for coffee
In came the paparatzzi
Spreading propaganda from kinko's copies
Tricks are for kids
But you get treats when you complain in the corporate biz
The general of mills had a plan to kellogs
They burnt down the forest
Capatain crunch set his ship for sail
Toucan sams's golden grams were stale
How do they cram all that spam
Into e-mails and minds from uncle sam
Everything was going swell
Mcdonald's squashed beef with taco bell
Hollywood video was cool until
Blockbuster told him to go to hell
Anarchy is beaming
Dow jones got depressed, now nasdaq's screaming
Fed-ex heard a noise, went outside to see what all the racket was
Saw a man in brown, running who left some ticking red light packages
I saw humans naked, and boxers boxing briefs
Hanes had a wedgy
And fruit of the loom drowned in bleach
Surf put a bounty on downey
Snuggles didn't get a last saying
Era got into it with charmin
He left him with grass stains
Honda accord, head on with ford
The over seas were overjoyed
Until GMC ran nissan off the road and no airbags were deployed
Volkswagon, from a grease monkey wrench gagging
Came from behind saturn
Started stabbing, just for the slug bug's bragging
Hershey got into it with nestle
Knife to the throat with coke and pepsi
If another fight breaks out, id be hoping
It's not between advil, tylenol and ibuprofen
Nike almost died from shock
She was jumped from behind by reebok
In the air I smelled sabotage
Windows broke by apples from machintosh
Coors was found floating dead in the river
Miller died from complications of the liver
VH1 pushed MTV, started arguing with BET
I walked in, ha, and bitched slapped on three
Skittles left reese's in pieces
Little debby receiptless
Cat fighting with wendy, then the kernal ran
Chester grabbed m&m's and watched them melt in his hand
Crest was acting aquafresh
Until colgate flossed ripping off his flesh
Two thousand levers car bombed irish spring
Dial dialed nine one one
Mascara started to cry then kleenex along with his nose started to one
Almost died when I tried to tell nato
That amoco and president passed money under the table
All of a sudden we all died from a bomb
It was ment for time warner, from viacom
Wondered if the worlds a business, but my logic kept stopping me
Walked outside and realized, the worlds a monopoly
Just a little thing, we call democracy
Just a little thing, we call democracy

Before I was vaporized into ashes I tried to scream
Then I woke up, from adam smith's wet dream

Look closely in front of your eyes, there's an epic battle scene [x5]

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Record Label(s): 2004 Dirty Laboratory

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