The Melancholy Maze My World Intro Lyrics

[Female voice]
You have entered the Melancholy Maze.
We hope you find your way.
[Tech:] I'm in the bank now

[Tech Whistles]

[Lady:] 60, 80, and one more makes 100
[Man:] Alrighty, thanks
[Lady:] You have a great day
[Man:] You too
[Lady:] Next in line, please
[Tech:] Yes
[Lady:] Sir
[Tech:] Yea, I would like to make a withdrawal
[Lady:] OK. Hey!! Your Aaron Yates. I remember you
[Tech:] Yea, yea thats me baby thats me
[Lady:] So what are you doing now a days
[Tech:] Uh, I'm a I'm a rapper. Uh, Strange Music, you heard of Strange Music?
[Lady:] Yea, Strange Music "Where bullshit ain't nothing. I know
[Tech:] Ha ha, yea yea, thats it baby I w...
[Lady:] I remember you being in the lunch room rapping and you used to beat on your chest at the same time.
I used to love that
[Tech:] Thank you baby, I...
[Lady:] Will you do it for me
[Tech:] Now baby, I'm really tryna get a, I'm tryna, I'm really trynna...
[Lady:] Please
[Tech: (sigh)] OK check it I got something for you, check it out
Tech Freestyling and beating on chest:
Yo, what up, situp get up
With us killers enough niggas
To crush a lung
To bust your guts and liver
Hit with Ruger, now you living off in a river
Watching this arsenist
While i spark a bit of my heart
And bark I'mma start this ####
([man:] sir)
Welcome to the bottomless pit
I know its hella dark in there
My world ([man:] sir) is not like a regular life
We tote big guns instead of a knife
([lady:] hey you can't say that in here)
Hella grim night
The devil is in flight
He said the baretta will get us what ever is in sight
You got a job, i ain't got one
You got a wad, i got a shotgun
[shotgun ####### and people screaming]
You got a guard, i got a squad
You here to work and I'm here to rob
[shot fired]

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