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This right here, this for them 3 P'z
B.I.P my brother Mosey

Used to post up in them gangways on Farwell and Ashland
Me and Shotty skippin' classes, you and City ridin' past us
I remember them long nights, we was on bikes, had the hood sold up real tight
We was really livin' that street life, damn shorty I miss you
Wait, I think I need to cry, get the tissues
Wait, I don't mean to be sentimental, but
The pain I feel run deep as f*ck so it gotta get out of my system
Now when I let it get out of my system, I be on a whole 'nother zone, Mose
Can't believe that you're gone, dude
You gon' always live on
Used to call you up on your phone
After Pappy died you was there for me
I was thirsty just to come home, put that chrome to a nigga dome
Used to stay sippin' on [?], takling about this when bro 'nem was on
There could never be another nigga like you, even if your ass had a clone, probably had to be real low
Told me:
"Never let them know your next move cause a nigga might tryna check you, might tryna get the best of you"
Told me:
"Always wear your heart on your sleeve, never let niggas see the rest of you
Be on point like a [?] cause these niggas thinking about stretchin' you
Keep your gun close to your right then watch the niggas to the left of you. Never get caught at the light, better watch the mirrors in your rear view, always gotta have a clear view, always gotta keep a member too"
Taught the gang how to stick together, we was really posted up in any weather
We was broke as f*ck, we was sharing sweaters
Will I switch up? Never
I know shit might sound f*cked up, but I know it gon' get better
I never ever seen a man cry 'til my mans died
I never understand why, probably why I get so damn high
Keep my head up to the sky, for the tears drop they'll be dried up
Pour a four I'm not even high now, pop a Perc as a reminder
Bullyvard bullies, come and find us
Play with Mosey name get you fired up, get you lined up
How you [?]
Ducking from the [?] right behind us
Lotta niggas say they was ridin'
I ain't seen a man since you died
But I'm still here down to slide
Catch a opp, that's a homicide
Man, I live and die in East Rogers
Swear to god it's an honour
I feel like Mosey, I [?]
f*ck around and crucify your body, nigga

Used to post up in them gangways on Farwell and Ashland
Made y'all get into it with Pappy, shit way bigger than the rappin'
I lost niggas that was factors, I lost niggas, super tragic
I swear my thoughts filled with madness
Sittin' in my heart I'm feeling savage, I wanna grab the automatic and go and let them niggas have it
Keep shooting them bullets, [?] rappin', until your body in a casket
I ain't duckin' no action
I'm a Mosey World 2 Pap Savage
I'm not even gotta do no actin', cause the gang be all about action, my nigga

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Songwriter(s): TaySav
Record Label(s): 2018 TaySav
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