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Back in the booth, got the gat with me too
You'll get patched, who is you?
Ask for a feature, get taxed for it too
If you snitch and get caught you get whacked for it too
Got the North Pole on my back with it too
And I promise your name will get scratched for them blues
I only f*ck with the real, that's a few
When we slid on his car he ain't know who was who
As for my niggas, I upped it and blew
I ain't new to this, my niggas true to this
Found me a stain and I'm finna go through with it
TFGPBG, them niggas too legit
MAC with a fifty, that bitch got a cooler kit
Blow through the car, I don't give a f*ck who it hit
Call up Lu Menace 'cause he really do this shit
Niggas is bitches, they already knew this shit
Yeah we be flippin' through shit
My niggas different and shit
Dog put more clips on the whip
Went from an eighth to a zip, that was quick
Whip that shit up 'til it's stiff, let it sit
BU & Squad has been runnin' through bricks
Bitch if you buck, just a cold one get fixed
Don't leave the crib without pole on my hip
Run up, take shots to the head like a fifth
I know them niggas be shit 'cause I'm next in this shit
And I'm probably the best in this shit
If you call yourself taxin' a brick, you get left in this bitch
Neck come clean at the mess in this bitch
I ain't got no stress in this bitch
Lil Dutty will come through and leave some shit wrecked in this bitch
You better be blessed in this bitch
'Cause them hollow tips burn, you'll think it's the devil lil bitch
Everything froze from my neck to my wrist
Got somethin' low, let it stretch in the whip
Promise some work and watch it disappear
Everything froze from my bitch to the deer
Free my bro locked down that's fightin' them years
Lost some my niggas, I ran out of tears
I feel it coming, my timing is near
I feel it coming, my shining is here
Whole lot of gang members
Through the rain and the pain we the same niggas
Phone kickin' like Liu for the 'caine, nigga
Phone slang, who is dude, you a stain nigga
Tryna bust major moves in the game nigga
Niggas switch like moods for the fame nigga
I be cuttin' bitches off like space nigga
I be lightin' niggas up like phase nigga
Hell nah we don't play nigga, better ask around 'bout us
You don't wanna f*ck around, get found by us
You don't wanna get left on the ground by us
Stand down, you don't wanna pound for pound with us
Got some niggas ride any time 'bout us
How you want, nigga you can have it
Twenty plus bullets out the semiautomatic
Hop back in traffic, act like it ain't happen
Just another casualty, f*ckin' with the family
It won't end happily, niggas dyin' rapidly
I don't know why niggas even wanna cap with me
Look up to the sky, every day I got Pap with me
I ain't even race and niggas can't run laps with me
Y'all go on dates, bitches can't take naps with me
Make a nigga say uh like Master P
Got a Glock-23, that's a masterpiece
Call Streetz, he gon' put a nigga fast to sleep
Me gone with a lot of niggas glad to see
Too bad I can't let a nigga capture me
Ginger breadman, niggas ain't fast as me
Where you goin' boy? niggas ain't passin' me
Too crazy nigga, you don't want to spazz with me
By the way, free my mans Lil Spazz and Leek
When I get to the top I'ma have a seat

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Songwriter(s): TaySav
Record Label(s): 2018 TaySav
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