Brand New Lyrics

I just wanna feel the vibes, you know?
I just like, um, smokin' and rhymin' and collectin'
Pretty much
Shit like that

Flowin', stay on the paper chase
Tryna hit the jeweler for somethin' that I could take away
We could be in the race, bet you I'mma break away
You ain't got a place if anybody could take your place
The jewel kicker, the cool nigga (Ayy)
I'm too smart to try to fool with you
You know hard knocks, I've been to school with you
You run in the jungle and keep a tool with you

Just relax you know
We're brand new

You could steal my lighter from me, I don't mind, nigga
But understand the buck stops there
I been searchin' for the change like it's bus stop fair
But you wouldn't get my method
What the bloodclot, yeah
If I came from the dirt, is it mud I wear? (Is it?)
Since I came from the dirt, is it mud I share?
If you ever cross me, it's your blood I wear (You know)
'Cause I cut a nigga up then cutout here

Just be cool, my nigga
Be easy, yeah

Marijuana connoisseur emcee carnivore
Rockin' Dior
Humidor full of scama, y'all
You don't want a bullet in your mouth like it's Tylenol (Uh uh)
They ain't show the shooter, just the body and [?]
You ain't see the shell outta rifle, [?] (Spikes)
Leave the car runnin', got a jet, let it idle, y'all
I'm a real nigga, love myself, f*ck a idol, y'all
Energy is good, why you think I'm eatin' idol, y'all?

Idol is vital

I come from a place where nobody safe
Everybody's in a rush, it's like nobody wait
You can meet the plug but you don't move nobody weight (Nope)
Never seen a found nigga make nobody great
Get caught up in the jungle, get your whole body ache
Niggas go every day
Catch a homi then they go to the A (You know)
You hear the shit when you go the way (Go around the way)
And you know I'm smokin' fire when I'm blowin' a J


I just wanna make it vibrate
I'm a killer whale, I told you that these niggas libate
I just wanna smoke so my eyes'll dilate
And I told you I'm at peace, so who dare violate?
I'm the alpha wolf, who should I annihilate?
Everybody is a goat, end up on the dire's plate
I told you that I spit
I spit in a liar's face
I heard you got fire, end up in my fireplace
Ghost, nigga

We're brand new

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Songwriter(s): Supa Stylez, Styles P
Record Label(s): 2019 The Phantom Entertainment LLC EMPIRE
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