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Hell Yea Lyrics

4x (grra)
4x (Adron Got them Hits)
4x (grra grra grra)
4way you get this shit the Glo way
Niggas done f*cked up (uh huh)
These niggas done f*ckED UP (niggas done f*cked up)
Uh (yea) uh (YEA)

(Verse 1)
These niggas done f*cked up (huh?)
I got my foot in the door (I got my foot in the door)
I don't stand on the block no more (uh uh)
I go to the 'io
Do a feat' for the price of a bowl (cash!)
Hold up hold up hold up lil bro
Don't even bust it open
It's already sold (sold!)
And these niggas be snitches and hoes (bitch!)
Nigga play with us he get exposed (on gang!)
And I swear like I'm bout to send it soon as I get there (okay!)
And it's gone soon as it get here (it's gone!)
My niggas roll like tires no Goodyear
I can't lie 2018 been a good year (wham!)
You niggas broke
Go get on welfare
Make you move off your block
Like, "No you can't sell there!" (p*ssy!)
$tunna on fire
They know I'm out here (bow!)
Keepin' that rod I never got caught like Telfair (uh uh!)

(UH!) Hell yea (hell yea)
Hell yea (HELL yea)
Hell yea hell yea (hell yea hell yea)
She tryna f*ck? Hell yea (ooh!)
He want a pound? Hell yea (OOH!)
He want a verse? I tax him (wax him!)
Nigga run up and he get flipped backwards (grrr!)
Come with smoke he get put in a Backwood (brrr!)
These niggas cap they jus rap good (Cap)

(Verse 2)
Adron Got them Hits but I send em
Bro put that fire on his mantle (come hea!)
I'm in her mouth like a dentist (ooh!)
Swag hit that shit like a chemist (go!)
These niggas bitches
Get 1000 likes and start actin' different (nigga you p*ssy!)
I ain't sendin' no disses
I'm sendin' OG and Bully
They gon' make sure they get em (no cap)
(Uh!) I'm turnt up (I'm turnt!)
And these niggas burnt out (ay these niggas burnt out!)
I f*ck that bitch til her perm out (uh! uh!)
We pop out them niggas hop like Big Worm out (bitch!)
(HAAA!) We like to air it out
Swag like, "f*ck it!" he don't care about nothin'
Drop that window up that fire he duckin'
Ain't beef
Ain't nothin' for discussion
He get put to sleep
He on Robitussin (WHAM!)
f*ck these niggas
I'll pluck em all (pluck em all!)
Ain't trippin bout bitches
$tunna done f*cked em all
Now come top me off
She toppin' my brotha off (ooh!)
Rich with me
Want smoke with alla y'all (come hea!)
Call it on
It ain't no callin' off
These niggas ain't hard
These lil niggas butta soft (knock him off)
Knock him off and we knockin' his brothas off (bitch!)
Hoes like, "$tunna these niggas can't f*ck with y'all!"


Hell yea (big cap)
Hell yea
Hell yea (ay these niggas cap)
Hell yea hell yea (hell yea)
These niggas cap (hell yea) (Adron Got them Hits)
Hell yea hell yea these niggas cap (hell yea)
Hell yea these niggas cap
Big 4x man free my lil brotha bitch (gang!)
f*ck the opps
We the opps

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Songwriter(s): AdronGotHits, Stunna 4 Vegas

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