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While I'm Young
Seth Dyer
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While I'm Young Lyrics


[Verse 1: Seth Dyer]
I ain't' even 21 yet these niggas' know my name
I'ma be a black elite I'm like the light skinned Jay
I just want to know the good life I'ma have to ask Ye
I came into the game but I ain't' come in here to play
Look I'm only young once I'ma spend it on the grind
I ain't' livin' out my days cuz I live in the night time
And I'm almost at the top feel like eleven fifty-nine
But that peak about to come, yeh that twelve about to strike
I was pretty much a loner now ya'll want my company
Epsilon Virginis boy, we made that shit a company
I'm on some presidential shit ya'll campaign cannot f*ck with me
And all these rapper on this tracks man, ya'll can't f*ck with me
Now everybody wants something look they got their hands out
Got, rappers taking notes like I ain't giving handouts
I be making all this music all my niggas' gon' be kings
I'm cold like the ice age make these rappers be extinct

[Chorus: Seth Dyer]
I just wanna' be rich and famous yeh
Is that too much to ask
I just wanna' jump off these stages yeh
And live it up till I pass
Cuz I'ma do this while I'm young
I'ma do this while I'm young
I'ma do this while I'm young
Cuz I'ma do this while I'm young
Just some young boys from the T.O, screaming lyrics out the window
Rolling through venues like heroes, lookin' for commas and zeros
I'ma do this while I'm young
Cuz I'ma do this while I'm young

[Verse 2: Seth Dyer]
Man I'm always on my proper
We live in a world where they judge your kicks like soccer
I don't care what ya'll niggas' think and I learned that from my momma
So keep my record spinning like a f*ckin' helicopter
All black in the nighttime call me Bat-Man
I go ham, you ain't' got the stomach man you don't got ham
Get it got ham, gotham, god damn, I got them
It's just my talent boy don't try to comprehend
Oh man, I don't even sleep
I'm in the studio everyday and we'll just do this shit next week
This the shit you gotta' live out this the shit you cannot teach
I let my girl feel so damn free, you put your girl up on a leash
Then you wonder why she resents every single thing you speak
Say you good like we, huh, yeh nigga', please
Jeez, watch the new lane we be constructing
We did it on our own and we didn't ask for nothing



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Record Label(s): 2016 EV Music
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