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[Verse 1: Seth Dyer]
*Empty bar*
What does it take
What does it take
What does it, what does it, what does it take
This ain't' no game, I had to sell all of my shit
Yeh I'm married to this bitch i got a ring, yeh I commit
Had a job when I was 15 bought all my studio gear
Saving all my pay cheques now I watch this shit all disappear
And I'm lookin' in the mirror like who the f*ck is there
Not the same kid from Marshall, chillin' with niggas' on the stair
Used to go to parties on Eglington West, now we going to vegas
Link some strippers vegas strip, tell these niggas I'm the shit
And I'll say that once again like...
Nigga I'm the shit, you didn't know
Now we be ahead these niggas and we still young
And your whole entire album can't f*ck with my track one
And I'm always hungry all my dogs be stayin' on the hunt
You think this shit is so hot, wait till we drop Actaeon
Lord god, ain't' nothin' realler than the hate
Cuz' these niggas' love to talk and these women's love is fake
I gon' tell these niggas' once better get us while we cheapest
Cuz when the boy is on, it's gon' cost you couple pay cheques
Everything you do drunk I do sober
Just so I can't excuse my actions when this shit is over
We on our grind and this is the best time to pay our dues
I won't take your two cents cuz' that shit would leave you destitute
I just wanna' tell the truth I ain't' tryna befriend these niggas'
In fat I don't wanna do anything with these niggas'
I'm taking risks but not playing board games with these niggas'
My bars just pull me up so I can't hang with these niggas'
Now welcome to the renaissance, it'a new age
New wave new fame and I'm looking like the king
And my team, they be looking like the Papal Guard
All these rap niggas' better pray to God
That I don't take your spot, don't take your spot
Cuz' I kill records and treat it as sport
Devour these bars I am never off course
I got so much drive I am never off course
On the stage rapping until I go hoarse
If you don't feel me you gon' feel me for sure
And if you feel me you gon' feel me some more
And if you don't feel me you're a bitch of course
Of course, I'm mercury
Closest to the heat
Don't be a shallow girl
Life is so deep
But you, don't, understand me
These women won't be happy
Cuz' they can't get with me
Bitch please, all you gon' get is this D
Take off your EV tee, jeez can't be
Part of the life that I lead, so we gon' f*ck and we gon' leave
Oh Lord
They gon' judge me for what I spit
I said oh Lord
They don't pay my bills so they ain't' worth shit
It's a new age, new age
Buy a chain, buy a chain, we some slaves
Say my name, say my name, like it's your last days
Don't let it be in vein don't let it be in vein
Welcome to the renaissance it's a new age
Welcome to the renaissance it's a new age
Welcome to the renaissance it's a new age
New age

[Verse 2: Seth Dyer]
Huh, yeh, so this is the title track
I'm youngest amongst my peers but my mind thinking older than some artifacts
I am a straight insomniac, don't even be gettin' no sleep
Cuz' I gotta work everyday, like, someone wanna' take it from me
I just got signed as an actor, guess I'm dealing with all the drama
Now where I'm gettin' these dollas' to pay these contract quotas
I can't get it from my momma, she broke like some glassware
And my tax free money been diminishing since last year
I ain't' got a care no more, girl you ain't' there no more
Life ain't' fair no more, see these tears no more
We don't speak no more, can't breathe no more
This ain't' me no more, I ain't sure, I ain't sure
Who I be when I go out and give my soul to the world
I be dealing with all these girls and they want me all on their own
I be picking up on my phone, it say you be home alone
And that girl right before texted me two hours ago
Having too much choice now that just leads to no choice at all
Huh, yeh, so this is the title track
Fraid' to have you in my grasp, cuz' my life could change quicker than flash
I ain't' never been flawless, I'm broken hearted are you ok with that
But how you gon' ever see light, if there ain't' never no cracks
Now EV be the family, I just wanna' fill up our plates
Average be killin' shit out in the states, I won't ask for this shit no other way
And we here building legacies, I, just wanna' get my people paid
Cuz', Slimmz and I been on this shit, before instagram was thang'
I gotta' remember these days, cuz, they won't be the same again
I wanna' keep us connected like I be a data plan
All these rappers, in my city, buy likes I'm earning my fans
And if you was fake from the start, you gonna' be fake in the end
Surrounded by yes men, I know they never mean well
But well is a deep hole, and nothing comes out the pale
Yeh, forever let's be remembered
I wanna' get so high that if I fell I'd drop in heaven, yeh

[Spoken Word: Seth Dyer]
Sometimes I see the rain in slow motion
The way each drop traverses the sky doomed to crash land on the city's concrete
But in it's short life it remains
While dancing overhead it's presence is unavoidable
Maybe it's the fact that I've been awake for twenty-two hours
Or that fact that I observe with my ears and not my eyes, as to why, I can see the time, between
Every storm has a story, and I am a storm chaser
My life in the clouds has changed my human
A solitary raindrop who's purpose is not yet known
The rumbling of the sky the bass sets my tone
And then the flashes of lightning came crashing down I wanted to be like them
They obtained the fame, they were the memories the earth kept
That's what I would become and so I feel from the cloud only to realize...
I'm a raindrop, a raindrop who thought he could be lightning
Failure is the child of pride and if I knew not pride i would not meet his successor
He is the cold hard ground which breaks me to pieces
I can only pray that the sun returns me to the sky, so I can once again try, to become
That valiant flash
I was once a drop of rain
I was an individual amongst millions
Now I sit in this puddle with my peers and no one can tell us apart
Some of us will disappear beneath the city
Some of us will be taken back home...
To the clouds
Where we will once again wait, for the storm
Where we will once again strive...
To become lightning
Sometimes I see the rain, in slow motion

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