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Ride Or Die
Seth Dyer


Ride Or Die Lyrics (feat. Juvon Taylor)


[Verse 1: Seth Dyer]
Looking back on everything that I've lost
I want the money, the power, the fame I don't really care for the cost
I can't leave it up to chance I ain't got no coin to toss
I want the chains, and the whips, and the broads that's a cell to share with someone
Because I don't want to be alone, I don't want to be alone
Talking to Jess, and Tianne, and Nicole texts be blowing up on my phone
God damn, texts be blowing up on my phone
Let's go to a dinner, a movie, her home, no I can't keep track no mo' no mo'
All these voices around me now I can't hear
Success made my friends change or disappear
I'm losing my ability to fear
Or losing my compassion and my care
She's all up in my ear like bluetooth, telling me to do what I shouldn't do
Then I see her clothes start to get removed, there's something so new about her perfume
And there's an art in the way she moves, I'm feeling faded like her tattoo
Don't know how I'm in the bed room, texting my girl said I love you

[Chorus: Juvon Taylor]
You know I've tried
Living separate lives
I don't really wanna' hide
No more, yeh
I can't deny
This phase in my life
So are you willing to ride
Or die
Tell me, will you ride or die
Will you ride or die
Will you ride or die
Will you ride or die

[Verse 2: Seth Dyer]
Wearing all of this black, what I got to hide
It's cloaks and shawls and hoods you can't even see my eyes
They the windows to my soul but I feel I need some blinds
Because I'm distant, rude, dishonest why won't she believe my lies
I ain't' been the best man but Lord knows I've tried
This music, talent, women make me feel like my hands tied
Cuz I'm trapped inside her clutches I will not break my binds
Don't feel free, or love, or life all my emotions cast aside, aside
We'll be cool as long as you just play your part
I want to ball out like I'm Tony Stark
But even Tony needs his Pepper Pots
Finding love seems like a shot all in the dark
I'm playing with her heart like the ace card, says she wants to do it in her new car
That's her all new black Jaguar, she's been on her shit from the very start
And I should leave my home ain't' far, but tomorrow I got the day off
Then I see her take her dress off, what am I doing I'm so wrong


[Outro: Juvon Taylor]
Will you ride or die
Will you ride or die baby
Will you ride or die
Will you ride with me

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Record Label(s): 2016 EV Music
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