Rock 'n' Roll Lyrics

Verse 1
Caliente, La Kid be gliding in Coupes
Streets All Salute man I'm riding wit' troops
We standing top down, selling pies out the roof
Beats bangin' hot sounds amplified in the booth
Watchin' the game, you lame, and you all gonna flop
You the type to get a deal and blow it all on a drop
I'm the type to get a deal put the raw on the blocks
Make a couple mil, chill and be ballin' in yachts
I got image, voice, and flow, look you not hotter
We top shottas, freeze our wrists, and pop collars
So quit with the villian tip, smash hits, yeah we
killin' it
Plus I stack bricks like a pyramid
We steel bussers (blam blam) the mill touch ya
With slugs from the Soviet, Blood, they will rush ya
Loose or sober, tools in holsters
Bad news provokers might loose your shoulders

We sell rocks n roll
Toppa-top shottas, we got that dough
We sell rocks n roll
Ducking coppers who watch us on block patrol

Verse 2
Why you wanna block me bro, why you wanna stop me for
I rap now but I still sell rocks n roll, you ain't
listened to Writer
He told u Stop-N-Go, shuttin', watchin' the block
Give a f*ck if the coppers know, Cito, the streets know
I been gritty
With a knife game like Mi Ho in Sin City
Gimme brain if you think I'm dumb
You heard me miss, you lookin' thirsty so drink my cum
Poking her jaw, please you provokin' a war
Only time you pushing keys is when you open the door
And now the name face off, bring it we can face off
Animal child, Hannibal style, eat your face off
Spend pounds in the west, down for my set
And I'm Fendi down to the brown in my creps, yeah
Have some advice
Cuz the only time you strapped is a attached to your


Verse 3
My shotta crew is comin' through, move to everyone of
Pop up and chew your block up right in front of you
Take the key to your home and toss him in coffins
Everything from your phone to walkmans I'll auction
Have my money, I don't care if it means selling your
You should've thought about that before you asked for
cheddar on loan
I'm telling you holmes, you should leave selling alone
Respect it I'm well connected like cellular phones
I got dikes restless, hot like Texas
Pull up to the block in a truck white Lexus
You can stare, but here's some words of wisdom
I leave ya with your head open like a circumcision
Props to my people wit' rocks and that diesel
Pharmacutacal hustle, they shot like it's legal
Was patient but no, if you makin' the dough
You bricks like Chinese food I take it to go (Woah)


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