Gangsta Shit (remix) Lyrics

Hey, hey, London Boyz (Santana)
Uh-huh, S.A.S.
This the G-mix, let's do it

Juelz Santana:
We stay G'd up, we make these bucks, we make things
No thanks to you
We blaze, weed up, we invade these clubs, we make
things jump
No thanks to you
From the beat to the boogie, to the street to the hoody
This is gangsta shit, gangsta shit
Baby get down to the beat, and just boogie to the beat
Shake your tooshy, if you like gangsta shit

Verse 1
Cali slugs will clap your minds on the road (Calico)
I get Cali love like Pac when he signed to Tha Row
(There they go)
I get it poppin' in the Cities Of Angels
Plus (plus) I be Bloodin', you know, shuttin' the
Yeah, you say you slang 'caine, you ain't flippin'
Only time you niggaz gangbang is when you hittin'
We ridin' on blocks with riders on blocks
I lick shots, expire your top
(This ain't a game homie)
You don't even fire at cops
We'll turn your strip to the riot it was
(But ain't a thing on me)
I weave Coupes, chicks say he's really cute
Gucci Chucks matching my bucket, matching my Dickie
Where I'm from, ain't a game where they sold raw
Niggaz ready to die for the 'caine like they old dog
We fast to blast and off the law
We got the game like we Aftermath
It's Dipset and


Verse 2
Shout out the Brims, the Denver Lanes, and Figoroga
To Watts down to Athens part, them niggaz know us
Diplomats run streets, massacre
With more shotguns than a frontseat passenger
For them 8 stacks we will squeeze 'til you melt
Spray gats like "Ay, wax, you need you some help?"
I'm stuntin' like I'm rich, some'n like a Dip
Now I got your bitch, your sis, your mother on my dick
You slicker than us (Sizzurp) sippin' it up
Wrist fridged like a chick who ain't giving it up (No)
But in da club (What) they show us love (Oh)
I roll with Bloods holdin' slugs just because (Yes)
And overseas we run them streets
Since the Set hooked up with these London Gs
Strover are switchin', loads of women, I play hard
Hoes are strippin' in pole positions like race cars


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