Beyond Deep Lyrics

Verse 1
Lord forgive me, I know the lord is with me
I keep my forefoot and balls, you got floss to stick me
It's simple B, when will they begin to see
They tryna murk niggaz, but it's better him than me
They say ya live by the gun
Ya die by the gun
I'll be dumb not to be strapped when I ride through the
'Fore I got in the game I never thought what'd the fame
Here's a warning, take caution, Mega's walking with
It's a shame you under in the graves
How it goes, nobody knows the number of they days and
Karma comes back like a muthaf*cka
On the other side, your mother cries, your brother
They want May & Mega to fail
Get chedda, whatever the weather, so we better prevail
I know the street codes end up dead or in jail
But when you go, is it heaven or hell
That's the question

It's a heart-race to see it in our face
That we're stuck in between a rock and a hard place
The Don speaks, I'm on streets
It's like the black grows out the concrete
Beyond deep
Live this life for real, life is real
Yo this beat's therapeutic, it's a righteous feel
But if ya threaten my life, I got the right to kill
That's right I will, brother you should write your will
It's like

Verse 2
From London Town to Harlem, we re'd-up
Getting funds and pounds of ass if we G'd up
Make heart-racin' music, that car-chasin'
Shootouts in broad day, movin' that Caucasian
Cuz bitches used to feel me
And I had a couple rhymes
Niggaz tried to kill me
On at least a couple times
All that shit is real, see
School, had to tuck the.9
You ain't takin' nuthin', I'm bussin', you wanna
scuffle, fine
Moving overseas was more than a risk-take
Back in London streets we fought for that big plate
Chicks on they knees like "How does this dick taste?"
Trot through guys wings and tored off the mixtape
Now we straight, no fools among us
More mature, now May school the young'n's
So stop telling lies of pies that you be peddling
And give advice, words from the wise that you can tell
a friend

Hook 2x

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